George Akume’s Senate Presidency: A Coin With Many Faces

Posted: May 13, 2015 in akume george, Benue 2015, Opinion, political, Politics
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By Comr Martin Iorsamber

From inception of Nigeria’s independence, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first senate president 1960-1960 under NCNC. Dr. Nwafor Orizu succeeded Azikiwe from 1960-1966 on the same NCNC. During the second senate, Dr. Joseph Wayas was elected senate


president 1979-1983 on the platform of NPN both the first and second senate were headed by people from the eastern region. The third senate saw a university don, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu of the SDP emerging as the senate president 1992-1993. Dr Ayu was later replaced by Ameh Ebute of the same SDP 1993-1993. Both were from the north central.

The fourth and fifth senate produced many senate presidents among who were Chief Evans Enwerem 1999-1999, Dr. Chuba Okadigbo 1999-2000, Chief Pius Anyim 2000-2003, Chief Adolphus Wabara 2003-2005 and Chief Ken Nnamani 2005-2007, all of the PDP and the South East geo-political zone. The sixth and seventh senate had an excellent administrator and leader per excellence, General David Mark 2007 to date. Mark was elected on the platform of PDP and from North central geo-political zone.

The zoning of political offices in Nigeria including the senate president is always characterized by many factors such as geopolitical, ethno religious, fairness and equity among all the different nations in the country. From the foregoing, the north central in general and Benue state in particular has had a fair share of the senate president slot. However, as the eighth senate prepares to come in, it is important to carry out the selection of a senate president based on many factors to include the contribution of the various power blocks to formation of the new government, the credibility and personality of the various candidates involved and the ethno religious factor, which has recently played a devastating role in the Nigeria state.

The largest ethnic group in Nigeria- the Hausa/Fulani has produced the President, in General Muhammadu Buhari. The second- the Yoruba, has produced the Vice President, in Prof Yemi Osibanjo. The third ethnic group- the Igbo, are in opposition. The fourth ethnic group, the Tiv should produce what? The position of senate president is the best fit. This is in the spirit of fairness, equity and national unity. It is called power sharing.

For many years, the Tiv has been relegated to the background while minor minorities are being elevated and considered in high places in the Nigeria project. But the Tiv has always offered immense contribution to the unity of Nigeria. They were the major people who fought to keep Nigeria one during the civil war and have continue to feed the nation with their food production. If Nigeria is really one nation for all Nigerians, all stake holders must be involved in the distribution of power. Fortunately, the senate minority leader, Sen George Akume is equally set and has offered himself to serve the eight senate as the senate president. Senator Akume is a core party man who has contributed a lot to the stability of the seventh senate as the minority leader and the victory of the All Progressive Congress. Even though he is from Benue state, a state that has held the position for the past eight years, he is still the best option for the sake of equity and fairness in power sharing. As a principal offer of the senate, Senator Akume has the requisite experience needed to take the eighth senate to the promised land.
The All Progressive Congress, the senators elect and indeed all Nigerians must look inward to the candidature of Sen George Akume as senate president of the eighth senate for a united, progressive and equitable Nigeria.

– Comr Martin Iorsamber, the Deputy Registrar of Institute of Advanced Entrepreneurship Research and Development is the President General of the Concerned Youths for Better Benue

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