Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has said that his administration will not stifle the opposition in the state so that democracy can thrive at its best.

Ortom made the remark while delivering his speech at IBB Square in Makurdi, during a fb_img_1447969382720.jpgreception held to celebrate his victory at the Supreme Court.

“Let me assure that we are not out to stifle the opposition. Democracy thrives best in the face of a vibrant opposition. Let all citizens of the state, however, drop political cleavages and focus on the Benue project for the future of our present and children yet unborn,” he said.



By Nathaniel Ikyur

I have read certain commentaries profiling the administration of former Benue State Governor Gabriel Torwua Suswam in glowing light. And that’s wonderful. They contain some representations on legacies left by the immediate past governor in his eight year governance of this 40 hear old state. Interestingly, it’s not surprising that these legacies are only been thrown at us now that Suswam’s balance sheet is been audited through various forms of committees and judicial probes set up by Governor Samuel Ortom.

These legacies, according to his ‘Media Team’, range from infrastructural development that dots the landscape of the state to many as could be defined by these campaigners. To understand this new slant, it’s obvious these publicists now seek to raise the performance bar for the last administration. Of course there is no harm in doing that. But in so doing, there ought to be some balance.

Everybody who was in Benue state from 2007 to early 2008 would say that Suswam started well. Or that is what we were made to believe. Whether it fb_img_1444832106401.jpgwas window dressing that he used to curry public support in those early days in power is a different ball game. I, like many others were swayed by the ‘speed’ with which he went to work in so short a time after assuming office in 2007 without preparing a budget. (more…)

• As he fails to appear before commission

Former Benue state governor,Gabriel Suswam today told the Justice Kpojime panel to allow him face his case at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ( EFCC ) and thus will not attend the summons granted him earlier.


In a letter sent to the commission through his counsel , Mr Joseph Dauda SAN, the former governor explained  that he would not honour the invitation now or in the future. (more…)

Former Governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam has been summoned by judicial commission of enquiry set up by his successor, Dr Samuel Ortom to probe the financial dealings of the past administration.

In a letter signed by the commissions chairman, Justice Elizabeth Kpojime, Suswam is to appear before it on Wednesday, 9th December, 2015 to answer to about 33 issues of financial misappropriation recorded during his tenure as Governor.


The issues bother around the contract to Bi-Water and subsequent award and revision of the contract to MS Gilmor construction for the greater Makurdi water works, N14bn SURE-P funds and approval of N704m as scholarships.

He is expected to provide all relevant information and documents relating to his financial approvals.

While reacting to the judgment of the Makurdi High Court that lifted the stay of proceedings on the commissions of inquiry Governor Samuel Ortom in this interview, explained why he set up  panels to probe the past administration.

We just left the High Court of Makurdi where  the court dismissed the two suits filed by former Governor Gabriel Suswam challenging the probe of his administration and ordered the commissions of inquiry to resume sitting, what’s your reaction sir?

I want to thank God. Like I keep saying, those two panels were not meant to witch hunt anyone.  Of course everybody in the state knows that I’m a Christian, I’m not a witch, so I cannot be seen as witch hunting anyone. All that I had wanted is that I’m a democratically elected Governor and my allegiance is to the people. The people of Benue State want to know what happened to their funds. The money that accrued to the state through the sale of Benue State government shares in BCC amounting to N8.3 billion; what went wrong with it? We could not find where


it was expended, whether it was in compliance with the laws of the land as stipulated in the budget. The money that came to Benue State through Sure-P, the money that came to Benue State through the excess crude account, the money that came to Benue State through the sale of shares from Julius Berger, the money that came to Benue State through several other means within the eight years because the amount of debt that we inherited is alarming. For the first time, we have witnessed this. So all that we’re saying is for people to go out there and verify and rather exonerate themselves. So we’ve provided a platform for people to go there and exonerate themselves if they are not culpable, but if you are, what we’re saying is that you must repent. You must make restitution by returning such monies. So that is all. The second panel is set up to verify government’s assets. How can you have a government and you don’t know what is government’s assets in Lagos, in Kaduna, in Benue State itself. How will people be just buying off government property including part of Government House? It is unthinkable that a government under my watch will just fold its hands and watch. (more…)