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By Odeh Ageh

The preparation for the senatorial re-run election for Zone C of Benue State that has Sen. David Mark and Mr. Daniel Onjeh as contenders is reaching a feverish pitch.

many commentators have gone to town with the tale of how highly experienced Mark is in legislative matters. In fact, some fell short of calling him Mr. National Assembly or Mr. Know-all of law making.


Other commentators, when making a passing remark about Onjeh, call him a greenhorn, a journey-just-come man and somebody who is aiming for something that is way beyond his reach.

While the import of this piece is not to gain-say the near appropriation of the National Assembly as it concerns Zone C by Mark, I will suggest to the promoters of his candidacy not to gloat over the many near-wins of the distinguished senator.

Before we delve into the undistinguished performances of Sen. Mark, it will be nice we take a peep into his background and how that has come to play in his quest for the office and his activities in the National Assembly.


By Morgan Adikwu

“When things go wrong in the society, truth is always the first casualty but the discovery of the truth must be a ladder towards a genuine reconcilation”…… Oputa

Furtherance to the nullification of the Benue South senatorial election and a re-run slated for 13th February 2016, there has been an impressive campaign disputes across the two major divides in the forthcoming election.

However, my greatest worry, is the inability of the acclaimed social media activists to redirect the parochial subjective campaign to objective issue based. My idea of a Representative in democratic settings, is a person or group of person chosen by the electorates to act on their behalf and more importantly protect their


(electorates) interests.

What is the major interest of zone C’ for now? ROADS! The quality and nature of roads are indices of categorizing a settlement into Township, a Suburbs or Urban areas. It has the capacity to attracts or mars other essentials of good living, because of it’s multiplier effects.

According to the RAMP reports in Benue State : The Rural Access Mobility Projects consists of 18 Rural Roads Projects which were supposed to be executed by the Agriculture Ministry in Benue South Senatorial District of Benue State. They were the constituency projects for the former Senate President, the distinguished Senator David Mark for the year 2012. The rural roads were meant to give access to farmers to move their Agricultural produce to main markets.

The road projects in Benue South are:

By Frederick  Obande

“The concept of loyalty is a strange one. The real answer is that may our loyalties never be tested. I always pray that may my loyalty never be tested.” Babatunde Raji Fashola October 14, 2015

The concept of loyalty is indeed a strange one. Unfolding scenarios and expectations in Nigeria prove this adequately. Those who dare speak of loyalty or lack of it must have either never been in the unpleasant condition of having the concept tested in their lives or they are simply beyond being capable of grasping what it entails in the first place.

Examples abound in our recent political history. There was the Ibrahim Babangida and Mamman Vatsa episode, then Babangida and David Mark (of the IBB Boys fame).  Recall that when David Mark was edged out of the power game by Babangida, he retorted in his interview when asked by Dan Agbese if he was an IBB boy “I am not IBB’S Boy! We are friends and that is if we are still friends.” 


Later, former President Olusegun Obansajo and Vice President Atiku Abubakar created quite a storm in the dying days of their administration as accusations and counter accusations of disloyalty and betrayals flew in the air. The country walked that nebulous era without anyone able to pin down what constitutes loyalty, in the context the nation and both men found themselves.

At about the same time was the Atiku/ Nasir El-Rufai and Nuhu Ribadu mix. Atiku played roles in bringing both men into the government in which he was vice president but it will seem they later ended up on the other side of the spectrum from him while he fought his boss to whom his erstwhile protégées became beholden. (more…)

• As Former Niger Delta Minister Decamp to APC

The crisis in the Benue state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ), may be deepening as more decampees  are dumping the party for the governing All Progressives Congress ( APC ) in the state.

This is even as the former governor’s close ally and former Minister of State for Niger Delta Ministry,  Sam Ode has finalised plans to join the APC in the state with


a major decamp in ceremony planned to hold before the senatorial rerun elections billed to hold in Otukpo, the headquarters  of the zone.

According to sources close to the former leading governorship aspirant, had in a meeting held in his Makurdi residence resolved to dumped the PDP and move to the APC to ensure his people did not loose out in the scheme of political events.

The source revealed that at the meeting which held yesterday with prominent (more…)

By Paul Akile – Marcellinus Jato

Congratulations your Excellency, over the overwhelming victory of a popular mandate to administer the will of God the Almighty over his people in Benue State.
Your victory is all embracive as a popular mandate of trust and responsibility which was delivered by the massive goodwill of the Benue people accross party, ethnic and religious lines which is a clear testimony of divine intervention to repair the land.
It also marked the realization of a long walk to freedom which was obstacled by injustice, deprivation and frustration, thus ushering in


a great sig of relief for a return to normalcy.
As we celebrate this monumental success in our liberation struggle, it is  also instructive to be guided by the values of justice, fair play and equity as factored ordinances for promoting good- governance, stability and democracy in a manna that a positive precedent is set for sustainability. (more…)