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By Iorliam’Amo Shija

The year 1951 is important to the political history of Tiv people of Benue State because it was the year they first participated in an “election” in the emerging nation .

The then Tor Tiv, HRM Makir Dzakpe and notable Tiv men who then belonged to the social cultural association, Tiv People’s Union (TPU) gathered and selected people on non-partisan basis to represent the Tiv people at the Northern House of Assembly in Kaduna. The 8 representatives to the Northern House of Assembly were Pagher Mue, Gbile Gundu, Yough Gera, Wuam Gambe, Akiga Sai, Ayila Yough, Chia Aka and Makondu Igbon. This began the first exposure of Tiv to politics.




Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has said that his administration will not stifle the opposition in the state so that democracy can thrive at its best.

Ortom made the remark while delivering his speech at IBB Square in Makurdi, during a fb_img_1447969382720.jpgreception held to celebrate his victory at the Supreme Court.

“Let me assure that we are not out to stifle the opposition. Democracy thrives best in the face of a vibrant opposition. Let all citizens of the state, however, drop political cleavages and focus on the Benue project for the future of our present and children yet unborn,” he said.



Och’Idoma, Dr Elias Ekoyi Obekpa, has declared that the people of Benue South Senatorial District are more concerned with the provision of good governance than political appointments.

The paramount ruler of the Idoma nation who also commended Governor Ortom for finding one of their sons, Engineer Abounu worthy to be his ochi idomaDeputy, expressed confidence that all the problems confronting the administration were surmountable, promised that they would continue to pray for him to succeed and that on their part they would remain non partisan in dealing with the people.

The disclosure was made during a meeting with Idoma second class chiefs at the Och’Idoma’s palace in Otukpo, as part of the governor’s consultations with traditional rulers across the state. (more…)

By James Ibechi
In the heyday of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), corrupt practices and all manners of sleaze were allowed to eat so deep into the moral fabrics of the Nigerian society to the extent that some corrupt public officers who were swimming in the waters of corruption, unfortunately regarded the social malaise as a norm. For them, corruption is normal.
It is either so, or it is because of moral bankruptcy on the part of those public officers that the maxim, ‘he who comes into equity must come with clean hands’, seems to have lost a meaning on them.
Or how does one explain a situation where a former Interior Minister, Abba Moro, despite having his public image so battered on


account of the gunrunning saga and the Immigration recruitment fraud, still wields the effrontery to criticize an unblemished Deputy Governor Benson Abounu?
Mention Moro in any circle, many Nigerians will aptly remind you that the former minister superintended over the profound Immigration recruitment fraud in which a fictitious company allegedly owned by him, in collaboration with the wife of former Senate President, collected application fees to the tune of over N3.5billion from hapless applicants.
In that recruitment tragedy, over 20 lives of applicants were lost, of which a criminal allegation is still hanging on the ex-minister’s neck.
One then wonders where lays Moro’s moral right to slam Abounu who many believe, unlike Moro, to be unblemished.
The former interior minister had in a press statement, according to Sunday Trust, credited Abounu’s political success and all the previous high-grade public positions that the deputy governor occupied at various times in the past, to David Mark’s influence, and while taking a swipe on Abounu, Moro alluded that the Benue number two man had frittered the opportunities Mark provided for him by not bringing any return to Idomaland to show for what Mark did for him. (more…)




Political and Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Chief Obande Obeya, the Oyame K’idoma has said there is no animosity between the Tiv and Idoma ahead of the rerun senatorial elections.

The elder statesman who made this clarification when he hosted the APC

ochi idoma

senatorial candidate, Daniel Onjeh said he was speaking on the authority of the Och’idoma, the traditional ruler of the Idoma nation who confirmed same to him in confidence.

“i have asked the Och’idoma if there is any quarrel between the Benue south people and the Tiv nation and that question was answered with an emphatic no. (more…)