Causes and Philanthropy: Help Master Joe Mgbajime

Initiator: Rev. Fr. Solomon Mfa

The young man here is Master Joseph Mkighirga. His Father Mgbajime is late and the mother Sornyi is alive but poor. He hails from Mbawa(Mbadachi), but resides at Tse-Pevkyaa, Nyiev. Guma LGA.
After Morning Mass today, I was coming back to the Father’s House and saw him at my gate sitting like the biblical Lazarus. He face not image

a familiar one(because he is NOT my parishioner), but immediately I saw him I wept inside me and said, “WHAT A CROSS?”
I took him in and we got talking. During my discussions with him he said something that sent tears rolling down my cheeks. He said, “m ngu a or ga kpa ikaa amo ye me va heen u wasem.” (I have no one, but I was told you will help me if i come to you.)

My dear friends, this is what is before US this day.
1. Yesterday we ANNOUNCED PUBLICLY that JESUS is our King. Could this be his way of testing our Loyalty? “Whatsoever you do to least of the brethren…?”
2. Could this HELP to a brother be the Christmas Gift GOD wants from you this Christmas?
3. How will you feel if this is YOU and someone, some Simon of Cyrene helps you in carrying the CROSS. Remember the Golden Rule!
4. I DON’T have much to offer. I have ONLY being your CHANNELS OF HELP to others that is why I am CRYING to you again.
5. This brother, this son of us is in REAL PAINS!

Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me.(2x)
When I was….
When I was…
When I was #SICK, you gave me my #HEALTH now enter into the Kingdom of my Father.

You may call this line if you are TOUCHED to #TOUCH Master Joe Mgbajime.

Revd Fr Solomon Mfa Ukeyima
Priest In-charge St Francis Catholic Mission, Daudu. Guma LGA.
Benue State.