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By Odeh Ageh

The preparation for the senatorial re-run election for Zone C of Benue State that has Sen. David Mark and Mr. Daniel Onjeh as contenders is reaching a feverish pitch.

many commentators have gone to town with the tale of how highly experienced Mark is in legislative matters. In fact, some fell short of calling him Mr. National Assembly or Mr. Know-all of law making.


Other commentators, when making a passing remark about Onjeh, call him a greenhorn, a journey-just-come man and somebody who is aiming for something that is way beyond his reach.

While the import of this piece is not to gain-say the near appropriation of the National Assembly as it concerns Zone C by Mark, I will suggest to the promoters of his candidacy not to gloat over the many near-wins of the distinguished senator.

Before we delve into the undistinguished performances of Sen. Mark, it will be nice we take a peep into his background and how that has come to play in his quest for the office and his activities in the National Assembly.


By Morgan Adikwu

“When things go wrong in the society, truth is always the first casualty but the discovery of the truth must be a ladder towards a genuine reconcilation”…… Oputa

Furtherance to the nullification of the Benue South senatorial election and a re-run slated for 13th February 2016, there has been an impressive campaign disputes across the two major divides in the forthcoming election.

However, my greatest worry, is the inability of the acclaimed social media activists to redirect the parochial subjective campaign to objective issue based. My idea of a Representative in democratic settings, is a person or group of person chosen by the electorates to act on their behalf and more importantly protect their


(electorates) interests.

What is the major interest of zone C’ for now? ROADS! The quality and nature of roads are indices of categorizing a settlement into Township, a Suburbs or Urban areas. It has the capacity to attracts or mars other essentials of good living, because of it’s multiplier effects.

According to the RAMP reports in Benue State : The Rural Access Mobility Projects consists of 18 Rural Roads Projects which were supposed to be executed by the Agriculture Ministry in Benue South Senatorial District of Benue State. They were the constituency projects for the former Senate President, the distinguished Senator David Mark for the year 2012. The rural roads were meant to give access to farmers to move their Agricultural produce to main markets.

The road projects in Benue South are:


The Benue State Government has pledged to remain supportive of all communities on the states’ borders through the donation of projects and other welfare packages that will improve the wellbeing and security of the people living in those areas.

Secretary to the state government Barr. Targema Takema gave this assurance when he led the state inter state boundary agenda sensitization committee to Jatoaka, Kwande Local government to interact with leaders and the people of Moon district for a fact finding mission to determine the nature and effect of the incessant crisis bedeviling the area with a view to images-4.jpg.jpegfinding a lasting solution. The SSG who described the crisis as an age long battle maintained that the problem if not permanently solved will remain like curse running through generations.

He assured the people of the determination of the Ortom led administration to permanently end the crisis to pave way for development to flourish in the area and allow the people live a normal life adding that the government has already secured the fellowship of the Taraba State Government who are carrying out the same programme in their communities towards a peaceful boundary demarcation and further assured the people that they will not be betrayed in the process and should therefore be ready to give and take in the interest of peace. (more…)

By Maurice Tsav

There is currently a political dislocation in the Southern axis of Benue State with grave implications for people of the constituency. The disquiet is understandable; hence, an illustrious son of the state from Benue South senatorial district, Distinguished Senator David Alechenu Bonaventure Mark has had his fifth serial senatorial electoral victory quashed by the Appeal Court in Makurdi.

Mark has represented the senatorial district in the Red chamber of the National Assembly (NA) since the return of Nigeria’s democracy in 1999. And in the last eight years, Mark rose to the pinnacle of National Assembly leadership as


President of the Senate and chairman of the National Assembly. And for the years he led the National Parliament, he displayed an uncommon political astuteness and sagacity in handling inherently explosive national problems to the admiration Nigerians.

His restoration of peace, calmness, and unity of purpose in the management of the affairs of National Assembly, hitherto famed for its banana peels syndrome, which habitually dethroned its leaders, disarmed even his most ardent critics. Yet, he came on board at a time Nigeria faced potentially destructive issues ever known to her history. Many have confessed to Mark’s foresight and leadership courage in anchoring decisions that extricated the country which was on the brink of implosion.

While Mark‘s exploits and enduring imprints on national leadership lasted, his immediate constituency also counted the bounties of his representation in uncountable ways. As an effective legislator, he lobbied and influenced the siting of virtually all federal projects accruing to Benue state in his senatorial district, in addition to his numerous constituency projects in the provision of social infrastructure/amenities.

By Josephine Akioyamen

I have looked at the four grounds upon which the election of Distinguished Senator Mark was nullified and I find them sound. You cannot declare a winner in an election contest while collations were still going on in 7 out of the 9 local governments in Zone C. INEC needed to have waited for results to trickle in from all of the local governments but it didn’t and thus prepared grounds for this


debacle. There were documents that show exactly how INEC failed in this regard. In a hurry to declare a winner in that election, INEC also used the wrong form! Their excuse? They forgot the Senate form. The hearer of fact (The Tribunal) introduced an alien concept into our law to justify its judgment in favour of the senator, the concept of the documentary hearsay. It didn’t say the document didn’t prove the facts stated in it. It didn’t say the document was forged. But that the person that sought to tender the document was not the right person through which that document could be tendered. The Tribunal forgot that it had powers to do away with the normal strictures of the Evidence Act to do substantial justice as between the parties. That tortuous reasoning was not bound to stand and in my view, justice was served.