Lead By Example- Idoma Youth to Shuluwa

Posted: December 17, 2015 in Benue 2015, Governance, News, political, Politics
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A political pressure group, Idoma watch, has advised elder statesman and People Democratic Party (PDP) stalwart, Chief Abu Shuluwa to lead by example by first steering clear off idoma politics.


The group which is reacting to newspaper reports attribute to the elder statesman where he advised Tiv politicians to allow the Benue South Senatorial district choose its senator without outside interference.

Speaking to our correspondent, the coordinator of the group, Comrade Abah Onyilokwu said the comment by Shuluwa would have made sense if he actually had the interest of the Idoma nation at heart. According to him Shuluwahas never supported the people of the Senatorial District and was actually involved in the acts of marginalization against the senatorial district.

“Shuluwa has in previous times uncountable, made snide remarks as to the Tiv superiority of the Idoma race and is a leading character in the marginalization of the Zone C.  When did he start caring about what happens to us?” He querried.
Comrade Onyilokwu said the comments coming from Chief Shuluwa only further prove the amount of hatred he has for the Idoma people for whom he has never hidden his distaste.

He said to further buttress this hatred, the elder stateman had the effontry to advise that the people vote in the same person who has held the idoma nation captive for 16 years without anything to show.

“if it is not another expression of his hatred for us, why will he even imagine that any right thinking Idoma person will dream of giving David Mark another chance to suffer and lord over us? What has the Mark even done for us to want to go back?


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