Can Onjeh Honestly Deny Profiting  From Mark’s Education Programs? Idoma Youth Ask

Posted: December 17, 2015 in Benue 2015, Governance, News, political, Politics
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The Idoma youth vanguard have challenged the All Progressive Party (APC) Benue south senatorial candidate Daniel Onjeh to deny benefiting from Senator David Mark’s educational programmes.

The youth vanguard in a press statement signed by its president Mike Ocheibi was responding the Onjeh’s comments that Senator Mark had not done anything for the people of the zone.


” If people like Onjeh loafs around with mischief that  David Mark has not done anything for the Idoma nation, we dare ask, who made professor Jerry Agada , Abba Moro, Grace Ogwuche among others Ministers? . Who brought the national open university of Nigeria (NOUN) Otukpo study center ?, who brought the multi–Billion Otobi  water dam, who facilitated the construction of multimillion naira Oweto bridge now nearing completion?

 “Can Onjeh in all honesty deny profiting  from Mark’s Education programs!.

“Every year, since 2005, over 1,000 students benefit from Mark’s  scholaship foundation (DMSF). At least 20, 000 Benue sons and daughters  who ordinarily would not have had acess to school are today graduates on account of Mark’s  benevolence.

“Yet, the  likes of Onjeh will be shameless to say Mark has not done anything for his people.

“There is no community in Benue south Senatorial district without a health center, school or rural roads courtesy of Mark.”

The group also pointed out that Onjeh in one of his press statements described the Idoma people as most gullible people in the world for believing and supporting the Peoples  Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Senator David Mark.

“We did not make mistake in voting for Mark before and we are ready to vote for him again. we have had enough of these unwarranted provocative attacks on our illustrious son David Mark and the collective interest of Idoma nation.

“Let it be noted that we shall no longer tolerate this untoward behavior .  As Africans and an Idoma in particular, we have a good culture and tradition. we have respect for our elders. Besides, a true Idoma man will not be a ready and willing  tool to be used against the interest of his people.

“On this course, we are united in no unmistakable terms to defend the interest of Idoma. We have chosen David Mark and there is no going back, no matter the amount of blackmail and mischief.”

They therefore demanded unreserved apology from Onjeh saying “you have a right to contest election but we also have a right to choose who to vote for.
“Onjeh and his pay masters should be told in very clear terms that we are comfortable with Mark and we are not ready to take orders from outsiders on who should represent us. A word is enough for the wise.” they concluded.


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