Don’t Intimidate Us With Rented Crowd- Idoma Youth Parliament

Posted: December 11, 2015 in Governance, News, political, Politics
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Youths from the Benue South Senatorial District,  have condemned yesterday’s grand reception held in honour  of  Senator David Mark,  calling it “an act of intimidation  using rented crowd”.

The youth under the auspices  of Idoma Youth Parliament , the much publicised grand reception of David Mark  which witnessed  a great crowd was a fraud in itself  as most of the attendees were not indigenes of  the senatorial district  but a hired crowd from neighbouring areas and mostly from Benue North-West senatorial district.


Condemning  the show by  the former  Senate President, the group’s Speaker, Comrade  Mary  Oloja said it was embarrassing  that Senator Mark could set such a display without shame after leading the region into a nose diving trend while profiting  from its benevolence .

She said the people of Benue South Senatorial District  had grown  out of the hoodwink  he had customarily  put the entire region through, using his promises of emancipation  and creation of Apa state as well as federal presence as these have been disvovered to be tricks used  to obtain power and abandon them till after another four years.

“Is it not moral wrong for David Mark  to abandon his helicopter  and for the first time plight the same roads he refused to repair  just because he wants to show humility and gain our votes? The Idoma Youth are wiser today, we will not allow anyone bamboozle us with these theatrics. We are used to him”. She said.

Meanwhile the Idoma Youth Assembly  has also called on all Idoma Youth to come out en mass  to support the Daniel Onjeh  campaign to ensure  that falsehood  and deceit ill no longer have a place in the polity of Idoma nation.

They said their support  for Onjeh was as a result of his resilience  and dedication  to his cause which will be a marker for all youth in the area and nation to emulate in all their endeavours, with a potential  of changing the fortunes of the Nigerian youth.


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