Benue South Senatorial Rerun, Mark’s Obituary- Agbese

Posted: December 9, 2015 in Governance, News, political, Politics
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A civil rights activist and traditionalist, Chief Philip  Agbese has hinted that the appeal court judgement nullifying the appointment of Distinguished Senator David Mark, and his subsequent refusal to give up the PDP ticket are the final announcement of his political obituary from the political landscape of Nigeria.
According to Agbese, who spoke to our correspondent said “as a political prophet and traditionalist, he is aware that the gods have blocked Senator David Mark’s ears from listening to the voices of reason and have marked him for political destruction to teach many


African leaders a lesson that God is not a joker”.
Reacting to the appointment of Chief John Ochoga as the head of Dan Onjeh’s campaign, Agbese hailed the decision saying the APC in Benue have chosen a master stroke to end Senator David Mark’s family reign in Idomaland by appointing a political undertaker in Chief John Ochoga to sentence him to his early grave.

“I Want to unequivocally state that the the appeal court verdict is the burial of David Mark’s political usefulness and the senatorial rerun is the political burial of his dynasty. INEC is only coming to the people’s rescue as the chief mourner.”
“We are already talking to our Chiefs and highly respected persons in Idomaland to prevail on the gods to save  Mark from the political tsunami that is awaiting the former Senate President, as we strongly believe that the only doctrine of necessity here is to stop him from going to the poll where a disaster of a lifetime awaits the one time icon of doctrine of necessity. ”
On George Akume, he said as an Idoma man he has always preferred Senator David Mark to Senator George Akume who is from zone B, nevertheless I am mindful of the fact that Senator Akume whose political reach is farther with a communist and welfarist ideology is more grassroots oriented in politics than David  Mark, the attempt to dignify David Mark along ethnic lines will not hold any water when they will eventually meet with the electorates at the poll.
“I strongly advise that we bury the Akume factor in Idomaland as not to draw the ire of his massive followership to move against the existing fragments of the PDP in zone C, Mark’s recent boasts before the PDP caucus that he can win the election again is day dreaming.”


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