• As Auditor Gets Demoted to Fuel Pump Attendant

Even as more damning revelations have been made regarding fraud in the Benue Investment and Property Company ( BIPC ),  it has not deterred the management from its sleaze and financial maladministration as the company is currently embroiled in a 78 Million Naira Scandal which has caused the demotion of the company Auditor to a fuel attendant.


Investigations by this medium has discovered that the auditor, Mr. Felix Angereh’s woes are not unconnected to his refusal to endorse a a contract inflation to the tune of 74 million Naira being orchestrated by the company management in connivance with the company legal advise, one Barr. Tyokegh and its head of property,  Mr. Terese Apenkase.

According to findings, problem began when the duo with the approval of the General Manager (GM),  claimed to have furnished  the company guest house at the cost of 76 Million Naira which the Auditor disagreed with and approached the GM who still went ahead to approve the sum and release even as it was proven by Mr. Angereh that the highest sum such furnishing could cost was 25 Million Naira but the approval was still carried out.

Meanwhile further provocation came when the Legal adviser after spending a whooping over One million Naira on the attendance of the International Bar Conference which was he was sponsored annually by the company, insisted that he be sponsored to the Nigerian Bar Association Conference even as company policy allows for only one training or conference per annum for staff. This application was fought by the auditor to which has contributed his present predicaments.

Further investigation has also proved that the Company legal advisor who is in cohorts with the General Manager in most sleaze at the company, had ensured that the Auditor is punished as such while he was away in Abuja for the Conference of Accountants. Bar. Tyokegh ensured he was transfered to the Oil and Gas department where he was posted as fuel pump attendant.

This demotion has followed his expulsion from his office without proper handover to the new Auditor as was enforced by their lieutenants Mrs. Theresa Abeda and one Mrs. Bologo who were mandated to ensure he vacated the office amidst his plea of time to conduct proper handover notes as he had already reported at his new station, while the another staff from the maintenance department one Mr. Tony Onoja counter locked the auditor out of the office and an order has been placed at the office gates banning Mr. Angereh from entering the office premises.

It could be recalled that the BIPC has recently taken the front burner in the news for monumental fraud which include the sale of state owned equity and its embezzlement with the management led by the General Manager, Mrs. Brigid Sheidu testifying at the Benue State Commission of inquiry.


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