Time will deliver its verdict on my tenure- Suswam

Posted: November 9, 2015 in BENUE, Governance, life and human interest, News, political, Politics
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Former Benue State Governor,Gabriel Suswam has continued to plead his innocence in the alleged accusation of his financial misappropriation and graft. The latest of this defence was today when he took to his facebook page to declare that Time will deliver its verdict on his eight years tenure.

Suswam who is facing charges at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ( EFCC ),  condemned the recent probes and his case


at the anti graft agency, stating that the probes are an attempt to denigrate his person and distort the verdict of the legacy of his stewardship.

” Did I, Gabriel, in my capacity as the 4th Executive Governor of Benue State, create and leave behind any mess in terms of administering the affairs of this state? The anti-graft agencies which Ortom has instigated and sponsored my being taken to will determine that. Then time also which keeps unfailing will deliver its verdict on my tenure of office same as it did on Aku’s and Adasu’s tenures, regardless of what their traducers sought to do against them after they had left office.” He queried.

Suswam who compared his administration to those of the first and second executive governor’s of the State, Aper Aku and Rev. Moses Adasu, declared that he is satisfied with his performance and the way he left the state as according to him he left it better than he met it.
“I like to emphasise at this point that I am satisfied that I left Benue State better than I met it, and I have implicit faith that time will surely bear out the truth regarding my tenure of stewardship as governor of this state, and only then will the people judge between deceit and fact, same as has happened for Aku and Adasu before me”. He said.

He further emphasized that his administration’s inability to pay salaries was not his faukt but the slump in national earnings from crude sales as according to him he had  consistently paid the workers their wages for almost eight years without fail.


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