BSU Vice Chancellorship: Advise to My Kwande People

Posted: October 16, 2015 in Education, Governance, Opinion
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” A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast does not do so to save them from starving. They all have food in their own homes. When we gather together in the moonlit village ground it is not because of the moon. Every man can see it in his own compound. We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so.” – Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart


It was very interesting to see how my kwande brothers and sisters united themselves irrespective of party affiliation, to support our very own Prof. Nicolas Akise Ada for the post of the VC, Benue State University, Makurdi. It reminds me of the good old days of Wantaregh Paul Iorpuu Unongu politics. At least then, Kwande was whole and the people of  Tiv Nation’s Ancestral Home were not only well recognised in the State and beyond, but also held in high esteem in all aspects of life. We could boast any where “I am from Kwande!” Until things started falling apart politically, so hard that the center could no longer hold water….

Since then, it became a great hindrance to our own progress, while other zones planed, united and made tremendous progress that has catapulted them to their present respective ranks in the State. At a point, my people became jealous of families that united for their cause, forgetting this day would come. How sad! It is only good to know now that the lost glory of a former hero, is on its restoration process.
With no doubt, the BSU Vice Chancellorship was keenly contested with Prof. Ada in the fore front according to the University Council. I will not delve into the credentials of the three nominees, but for my most senior SAOBAite and uncle, prof. Ada, he is academically versatile. That is obvious. However I want my Kwande people to bear in mind, that is not the only criterion for a V.C of a State owned University; other criteria like political and administrative factors also play key roles. And how good is, and how prepared was Prof. Ada in those areas? However, I’m impressed by the way my Kwande people projected this project as a people, and not as PDP or APC; Nanev, Ukan, Mbayev, Shangev, Ikyor,Turan or Ikyurav, etc affair.
Seeing that we have at long last, realised the need for oneness, this should not stop at what I think is too small to have wasted so much of our resources (time, materials, energy, brain work etc) agitating for, considering the fact that Kwande deserves what is more than the entire BSU: quality tertiary institutions better than BSU, being the Benue hero- academically and otherwise. This, to me, should have been the Kwande agendum for academics in this generation. For the best way to predict your future is to create it.
Now, not only Prof Ada but all the dozens of professors and other academics in the Kwande axis should take it as a challenge and unite more fiercely for what they deserve and not for what they desire.
Congratulations Professor Msugh Kembe, the new VC, BSUM.

Comr. Emmanuel Akade jnr is a BSU alumnus.

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