Must Read! Ortom, Lawani And The Prophesy Of Pastor Gbuyi Olapitan

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Benue 2015, Governance, Opinion, political, Politics
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By Dan Atayi

It was January 2014, I was in the media team of the former deputy Governor – Steven Lawani-OFR. Chief Lawani called me to Makurdi in other to delegate a media assignment to me since his Chief Press Mr. Ejembi Ogwuche alias Rexino Ogwuche was busy on another assignment.


I drove through Peter Achimugu Avenue old G.R.A to say Hi to the State Pastor of the Believers Loveworld Incorporation, aka Christ Embassy, Pastor Gbuyi Olapitan. I asked the Man of God to say a word of prayer on behalf of my Principal the then Deputy Govr. Chief Stephen Lawani. After the Prayer, he told me emphatically that Dr. Samuel Ortom is a great threat to the chances of my Principal. At the time, Ortom was still a sitting Minister with double potfolio and who had not declared his intention to run for the gubernatorial. “if Ortom is running for the same office, he would win…mark my words” he said. I was shocked to my bones. Nonetheless, I had to prerform my duty.

I related the prophecy to my Principal in his guest House opposite Royal Choice Inn Hotels, Makurdi; I told him there is the need for him to see the Man of God for counsels. He became too busy that he couldn’t make it the whole time. Maybe as a Catholic, he may not know the power of Prophecy of that magnitude. By June, I reminded him, telling him how this Man of God ushered me into Politics by words of prophecies. He told me that Prayers could be made anywhere and from anywhere to anyone, agreed, but what about counsels? I asked, perhaps to prepare your mind towards other portfolio like becoming the next Minister of Finance. We laughed it off.

During the Primaries and the subsequent drama that outplayed in the PDP, that Lawani and other Idoma chances became slim, I remembered the Prophecy again. I met Ortom at Hagai Suit in Otukpo on one of his campaign tour, interviewed him by questioning his quest to become the Govr of Benue State, knowing so well that the slot should be Idoma’s, and if he Ortom is not seeing it as marginalisation. He replied calmly by saying “even we the MINDA people are also marginalised, but if the PDP zoned it to Idoma, he would obey the party’s rulling to that regards”, while on stage, Ortom quoted the book of psalm on power and he said, “once has God spoken, twice I heard it that power belongs to God, and He give it to whoever He wants”. At that moment, I knew that Pastor Gbuyi has said this to me before.

We lost in the primaries, we were all angry not knowing what to do for the Idoma nation. It was at that time that I received a call from Canada by Josephine Akioyamen directing me to work and gather my supports for Dr. Samuel Ortom of the APC. She said, we have to send a strong signal to the PDP that Idomas are not cowards, hence our reactions began to favour the Prophecies of Pastor Gbuyi Olapitan who by the eyes of the Spirit like Prophet Samuel, had seen the future of David; he saw Ortom in the realm of the Spirit, even when Ortom had not declared to run.

When the Idoma National Forum called all aspirants to the no. 1 seat to meet and delibrate Idoma nation after the poll, the meeting was again attended by Dr. Ortom and his deputy Engr. Benson Abounu at the Double K Resort, I shook hands with him, met his Chief Press, I do call him Mr. T. A. And I related Akioyamen Josephine’s message to him. I told him its going to be like the love Nicodemus had for Christ, that it wouldn’t be opened. He said why? I only respected the prophecy against my wish.

Today, Ortom has become the Governor of Benue State even against our wishes, but compelled by God. This is how the prophecy shocked me and I know it shocked His Excellency, Steven Lawani (OFR) too that God still speaks to Men. Dr. Ortom must lead with the fear of God regardless of political party differences.

Long live the Governor Dr. Samuel Ortom, Long live Benue State, and Long live the federal Republic of Nigeria.


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