The Ambitious Ways Of James Okefe: The Epicene Of Benue State House Of Assembly

Posted: September 25, 2015 in Governance, Opinion, political, Politics
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By Linus Ojechema

James Okefe, a PDP in the day time who moonlights as an APC man in the night time, wants to not only decide who should be chairman in Okpokwu but also to control the APC in Okpokwu. He can not let go of the seat that PDP secured for him because he is afraid to test his popularity, which he doesn’t have, with the masses. He wants to eat his cake and have it at the same time.


This despicable character was embossed into our political consciousness by the magnanimous act of my boss, the great Abba Moro, but who turned around and set about upsetting the fine balance that would have been Benue because of his personal ambition. He broke the political arrow head of zone C in spite of the strategies laid down before him in the meeting in David Mark’s house.

He was in fact that gave Nick Eworo the impetus to shift from the PDP where he rose like a meteor to the APC. I hear there are intrigues for Nick to take over from him because apart from the fact he is also from Zone C, Nick is clearly a more competent person than Okefe.

I hear also that Okefe wanted to use the humiliation of the Okpokwu Chairman before the State House of Assembly to undermine the authority of the Deputy Governor in Zone C. He wanted to send a silly message that he was the new power block in the zone. Everything blown up in his face. He is running from pillar to post. There are rumours everywhere that this guy attributes the source of his problem to be our Akioyamen Josephine (who he believes is in a struggle with him for Okpokwu), Nick Eworo (who he believes is in a struggle with him for the Deputy Speakership) and his Financial from Otukpo.

I hear that he is a subject of conflict of interest and ethical investigation within the executive governing circles as a result of using a dummy company to do the contract for the supply of the cars to the Benue House of Assembly while at the same time remaining a public officer! It was even said that when Governor Ortom requested to know the contractors for the cars, the dubious man Okefe pushed his PA Mr. Agada forward for the Photo OPS. Everything is said to have been documented by the government. There is no one as foolish or stupid as this man. He is a contractor or businessman in government. His quest to make quick money in spite of the public stance of this government to be zero tolerant on corruption may yet be his doom.

Now we have mobilized our people to recall the janus faced politician. For betraying Zone C, being a turncoat to Moro, for trying to unsettle Okpokwu like never before, his clock is ticking, and it is just a matter of time he slithers back to the hole from whence he emerged into the House of Assembly. We will not allow him to set Edumoga, Okpoga, and Ichama on a collision course of epic proportions to further his own ambition rather we will stamp him into the dust.

  1. zomo says:

    This is shallow journalism. Your points may be right, but your manner of expressing them shows a level of personal resentment for Okefe.

    The guy is a crook. But in trying to villify him, you have just exposed how unprofessional you are.

    Allowing this piece on your blog has reduced you before my eyes, my African child.


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