Okpokwu Local Government Crisis: The Untold Story

Posted: September 13, 2015 in Governance, News, political, Politics
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It is no longer news that Okpokwu Local Government is currently embroiled in serious leadership and political crisis which has degenerated to serious issues of slander and blackmail concerning the local government’s monthly allocation. 

However investigation into the matter have revealed that the real hands Behind the crisis is the Special Adviser on Ethics and Value


Orientation, Dr Godwin Ameh Idoko. Dr. Ameh whose appointment was made possible by the Deputy Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly, Hon. James Okefe.

According to our source, Idoko who is Okefe’s political dependant was brought in by the Deputy Speaker, Hon James Okefe and together have been demanding for a share of the Okpokwu Local Government allocation from the caretaker chairman, Barr. Chris Idu. 

Findings have however proven that there has actually been an arm twisting and cajole for the monthly allocation. This ploy has been uncovered to be hatched by the same Special Adviser and Deputy Speaker who have engaged in deep intrigues aimed at blackmailing and intimidating the caretaker chairman of Okpokwu Local Government, Bar. Chris Idu and anybody that opposes them.

However the chairman had allegedly refused to compromise in this regard, as according to him it will not be possible in this new dispensation due to the zero tolerance to corruption stance of the governor and the strict monitoring of local government funds.

It has been uncovered that the recent ploy is aimed at pulling the Governor into the battle as just recently the adviser, acting on the mandate of Hon Okefe went behind to Governor Ortom and demanded that he be allowed to choose the next Local Government Chairman in January 2016, the intention is to bring someone in who would compromise unlike the present one.

This plot which has not gone down well with the Deputy Governor who has insisted that the right thing should be done has also become an enemy to them and as a result they have taken the fight to him. 

Our source further confirmed that in a recent meeting, the adviser referred to the Deputy Governor as “mere Deputy Governor” while inquiring what rights he had to interfere with Okpokwu Local Government matters. 

The plot which has taken a rather dirty dimension as the adviser is now bent on causing a rift between the Deputy Governor and the Governor in a bid the play out the nefarious script of the Deputy Speaker. 

In all of this, the deputy speaker has maintained an innocent front to avoid exposure of his treachery to the Governor. He has been boosting that the same Pastor that prayed for the Governor has also prayed for him to be the next Deputy Governor hence the motive behind his cat fight to become politically dominant at the cost of the electorate. 

Source: http://benuepost.blogspot.com.ng/2015/09/revealed-real-hands-behind-okpokwu.html

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  3. Dickson says:

    The freedom of press should be allow, on the other hand journalist should be professional in their reportage .


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