Press Statement from Emmanuel Jime Campaign Office

Posted: August 13, 2015 in Benue 2015, Breaking News, Opinion, press releases/ News letter
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The justice we fought for was never about one candidate; it was about tomorrow being better. It was about avoiding a repeat of yesterday. Finally satisfied with the acknowledgement of the genuineness of our grievances and trusting a truly honourable man completely deserving of our total belief that he would bring sanity to all institutions, we make this one sacrifice by continuing the course of


justice through alternative and legitimate channels. We note with high hopes, the fundamental changes our President shall bring to our party and to our nation. We will not like to be counted as one of those whose personal ambitions stood in the way of the progress he is committed to.

We, accordingly, give commensurate consideration to Mr. President’s series of fatherly entreaties. His clear understanding of what we fight for helped in no small measure in addressing our grouse especially with vivid assurances to rid our party of any tendency that elevates imposition and impunity.

Long ago, the offer of a House of Reps ticket was meant to settle our grievances. But that would only have meant that lessons are not learnt and impunity is compensated by impunity in yet another process and contest we were not even an aspirant in. We rejected the offer. Therefore, we insisted that lessons be learnt and assurances of a no repeat be extracted. We are confident we are at that stage now. Lessons are learnt; assurances extracted.

For the avoidance of doubt, we have always believed that we earnestly have a genuine and sound case notwithstanding any challenges and limiting factors we were likely to face in court.

We regret nothing. We are happy to have stood for something wherein our grievances have been acknowledged and fully appreciated by even the highest office in the land.

In the end, our stance for what is right has not waned; we believe our party, the APC shall be an exemplar of the change she professes. We commit ourselves to making this happen. For that, there is no sacrifice too big.

We salute the eminent role played by Alh. Waziri Tambuwal, Executive Governor of Sokoto State and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt Hon Yakubu Dogara in whom the President has trusted to lead today’s efforts in complementing Mr President’s efforts in this saga.

To those we led on this journey, we are grateful for your continued support, prayers and steadfastness. In your numbers, we saw the good in our people and their readiness to support a good cause. We applaud that. We urge you to always walk with your shoulders high. We would not have let go if we didn’t think we have extracted enough assurances that tomorrow would be better for Benue. Never again shall this mundane legacy of imposition be allowed to rear its ugly head in Benue State. For that was, after all, our ultimate goal. We count on your understanding always. We are grateful, we remain indebted to you.

Emmanuel Jime Gubernatorial Campaign Organization.

  1. Alex EJEMBI says:

    Well said, very mature in all ramifications! Benue needs to move forward with people like Jime hence he should be given the ministerial slot for Benue…


  2. Peter Chieshe says:

    Powerful words in crisp delivery. Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Jime fought a perceived personal injustice and sleight of hand that rubbished his Guber ambitions and hope for fairness and just dealing in the world of politics. He sought a remedy which would have meant an upscale overturn of a vox populi in a fair election! Jime pursued legality as remedy; yet he finally succumbed to the greater common good; and more so in deference to his dear Benue State and THE President GMB.

    I respect any man who thinks beyond the self and more about the common good. Jime has earned my respect in subordinating his personal ambition in obeisance to nobler heights and reason. The future belongs to such. He has also made a Gold Deposit in the APC Bank; and will sure draw a great recompense. Long live Gov. Ortom; long live President MB, long live Benue State; long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!


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