Ortom Inaugurates Committees to Probe Suswam’s Administration

Posted: August 11, 2015 in BENUE, federal, Governance, News, political, Politics
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The Benue State governor,  Samuel Ortom today inaugurated two committees to probe the activities of the Gabriel Suswam led government from June 2007 to May


  1. The two committees were tasked with the verification of funds accrued to the state and received  from the federal government as well as government assets within the time frame including revenue.

The fund verification committee was tasked with ascertaining the quantum of shares/stock owned by the Benue state in  companies or enterprises. And the status of such shares, including the circumstances that led to the sale of state owned shares/stock and their worth or value and also identify the investors who bought these shares/stock and determine whether the transactions followed due process of law.

The team which comprises of seven members namely; Hon Justice E N Kpojime ( chairman), Barr JI Abaagu, Rev Prof Francis Wegh, Dr Christopher Obute, Jacob Mulya, Mr Sekegh Akaa(secretary, Michael Albert (Lead counsel), were also mandated to Ascertain the whereabout of the proceeds of the sale of such shares, determine if government of Benue state has any equity left in the said companies and value of such equity and also if funds realised above were appropriated.


Committee members taking oat today at Benue Peoples House

They are also to find out the application and utilisation of such funds while establishing misappropriation if any and identify the person or persons involved, as well as recommend appropriate actions to the government.

Also inaugurated was the sale/lease of government assets commission of inquiry which also comprised of six members namely;  Barrister Moses Atagher (chairman), Mr Ngutor Anyam, Barr omale omale, Prof moses ogbaje, Rep commissioner of police, Mr Andrew Amee(Secretary).

The commission was tasked with the responsibility of identifying all government properties that have been sold/leased since June 2007 and determine the status and correct value of such properties as at time of sale.

It will also dentify those who bought or took on lease such properties and in case of lease determine what improvements have been made and the subsisting interest of government in transaction, determining the value of the sale / lease and establish whether the transactions were in the interest of the government and if due process was followed.

The commission will determine whether the terms of the lease agreement have been complied with and generally review all such transactions and advise government on the appointment so actions in the interest of the people and good governance.

Both committees were given six months to submit their report

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