Character Assassination, Travails Of Politics And Turning The Tables Of Justice: A Rejoinder

Posted: August 9, 2015 in BENUE, Crime, life and human interest, Opinion
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By Gaius Agwa
It has been one week since I read a very fascinating article in recent times, attracted by its captivating title and interesting with its sophisticated scripting that demonstrated the worth of its professional origin and maturity of its background. But surprisingly its undertones have undermined the supposed scope and subject matter because its mission betrays every sense of seriousness,


magnitude of fear and sympathy this kind of incident should have attracted.
First it was a Press Release and this time an article that combines with it to politicize and consequently trivialize the death of an honourable member of the Federal Republic.

May we look at the caption: A POLITICAL ASSASSINATION, A MASSACRE AND CHAINED HAND OF JUSTICE. I want to start by observing that title of this beautifully scripted article is not in focus with the content.
The caption could better have read: A CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, A TRAVAIL OF POLITICS AND TURNING THE TABLES OF JUSTICE. This is because the article presents more of a political witch hunt, politicization and trivialization of a fundamental subject matter than what it thinks it has addressed.
Given the pedigree of those behind this social malady and given the tempo of the time and the agendum of the meeting convened at the house of a supposedly elder states man, a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, two times honourable Minister/Ambassador; One expected a resolution with far reaching remedies than a sort of a well branded mischief.

These brains in the meeting were a Professor of puppet theater, a Lawyer of no cognizable practice/Ambassador, a contracted Political Scientist of no academic grounding, a Rt Honourable/X member of Reps; a Psychologist/Pulic Administrator of a 3rd class and a follow-follow Politician. These people sat in a meeting that produced the parts 1 and 2 of the drama about the death of Atoza Ihindan. Both parts written by Terfa Atoza and the Prof. Iyorwuese Hagher respectively were directed and produced by the X-Oga on top.
Surprisingly, all their antics are directed at a wrong person who has ever been Terfa’s source of anxiety. It has been gathered that, with statements made at public places especially during the last elections, it shows clearly that Terfa Atoza and his cohorts hold a grudge against Dickson Pawa and they are out to sacrifice the father’s honour just to make sure that since he could not get anything from Ortom government because of his double standards, Pawa should be the least to be so favoured what a shame.

In this review I want to make good use of the part two of their drama which this review rejoins. First and foremost Aondover Nyough and his partner were acting their well rehearsed roles assigned to them by Prof. himself looking at the way he vividly captured in the opening scene of his article. Let us start with the submission that: “Anybody who killed in the past or present or who steals money meant for the people should be brought to book”. If this is true then Prof. , Chive Iho Terfa, and Abur must be tried in their various roles they played in the deaths of Ibn Akiga, Mahmud Akiga, Julius Ugah etc. In probing Suswams Government, all of those who partook in sharing deducted salaries will be brought to book including those who diverted funds meant for loans and campaigns to their private accounts.

For those of us who are outsiders I may want to know who Superintendent Dickson Pawa is, what he stands for, and why his people hate him this much. According to sources, the man must be very good beyond cynicism as portrayed by Hagher. Evident by Pawa’s contribution to his community it will amount to an exaggeration to conclude that this same man will be a murderer. Let truth be told let me ask why the trio of Abubabakar Tsav, Terfa Atoza and Prof Hagher are all firing all arsenals at their disposal against Pawa. All these point out one fact that there has been an orchestrated plan to desperately eliminate this man. Why shouid abubakar Tsav hate this man so much that he blames every security matter on him? It beats my imagination to notice that Dickson Pawa’s name has appeared 10 times in Hagher’s write up than Atoza Ihindan who he has chosen to befriend in death than when he was alive.

May I ask why all of you ran into hidings immediately after elections? The book of 1 Timothy 6:10 says “For the love money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” Be reminded that the money all of you took during elections but could not deliver is the reason why people are dying courtesy of the X-oga who said you shall pay this money with your lives. See the truth of the matter is: the Man… the money…the electoral loss…?
I was captivated by this one where Hagher laments that: “this is my moment, these are my fallen heroes, these are my kinsmen…” if I understood him well he meant his moment of joy because Atoza is no more and he would assume leadership of his people which the deceased hitherto blocked; his fallen heroes and kinsmen expresseing his regrets why Aondover is involved. The same boy is in consanguinity closer to Hagher from utange than Dickson Pawa.

It is an incontrovertible fact as he argues that, “a society that is riddled with politically motivated killings is on the path of no return.” Of course when Ibn and Mahmud Akiga were poisoned to death for political motives, when Julius Uga was gruesomely murdered, when General Aondo was murderd, when Gwa Jande was brutally killed, just as Rumunga Zegeiguve who was recently brutally wasted; was the society on the path of any return? Why were these ones not worth a comment from any elders from the shameless Sankera people. Today an elder has painfully died and all that they can do is to play politics with it.

According to Hagher, “development will not reside here until there is perfect peace.” Yes perfect peace indeed when elder statesmen would rise up to their advisory roles devoid of connivance to loot the state; when such people would mind their business and stop poke nosing into and not vomiting the rubbish they cannot defend, when elders can invoke all traditional norms in proving and forestalling futuristic occurrences of heinous crimes.

May I add that Prof. and his coterie should remember that, “apathy, cynism and hopelessness…” in Benue took over since when Suswam started cutting and owing salaries to finance the campaigns which u took huge monies from but could not deliver. Is this not the source your fear and deaths. May I ask these people to please point at any of their landmarks in Tiv land. On our way to Hagher’s mother’s wake we were shown a police station Pawa Dickson built but to cut it short may I whisper a question in Prof’s ears to tell the world those people he paid to give secure is mother’s wake that he is today denying knowledge of.

You know the truth that “the Man…the money… and the electoral loss…” are behind it all. You know the man does not forgive and he would go after all those who took his money but did not deliver and are now building. Will you stand there making noise instead of praying for God’s forgiveness preparatory for your days of reckoning?

Let me conclude with Prof’s Philippians 1:23 “I am torn between two desires: sometimes I long to go and be with Christ. That would be better for me. But it is better for you that I live. For such wicked elders as you are, you are really at cross roads because you must live to reap the fruits of your evil hand works including the way you are using the death of Atoza for politics in the name of seeking justice. Since he was a better man than you are his ghost will hunt all of you one by one. On the other hand you cannot go to Jesus because I want you to close your eyes and count your evils to know why Jesus has rejected you.

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