Communique Issued At The End Of 2015 Benue State Executive Council Retreat

Posted: July 24, 2015 in BENUE, Governance, News, Opinion, press releases/ News letter

At the instance of the Executive Governor, Samuel Ortom, a three day retreat was organized for newly appointed executive council


members viz: Hon Commissioners, Special Advisers, Permanent Secretaries and Local Government Caretaker Chairmen from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th July, 2015.
Presentations were made by the more than twenty five resource persons across various areas and topics. These included the following dignitaries:

  1. Senator (Dr.) George Akume
  2. Senator (Chief) Barnabas Gemade
  3. Arc. Bishop Yiman Orkwar
  4. Rev. Dr. Ayohol Ate
  5. Rev. Tor Uja
  6. Rev. Prof. Timothy Gyuse
  7. Bishop William Avenya
  8. Mr. Manz Denga
  9. Barr. Rommy Mom
  10. Lady Lucy Ato
  11. Barr. Moses Atagher
  12. Mr. Adaikwu Inwata
  13. Dr. Son Gyoh
  14. Barr. Targema Takema
  15. Asen Kwaghar
  16. Prof. Yakubu Ochefu
  17. Mr. Akin Oke
  18. Mr. Dan Ashiekaa
  19. Hon. Terwase Orbunde
  20. Dr. I.I Viashima
  21. Awuese Torhee
  22. Mrs. Margaret Iorember
  23. Leva Moses Tor
  24. Prof. Orkurga Malu
  25. Mr. Terna Abuul
  26. Gov. Ortom delivered a keynote address and his deputy, Engr. Benson Abuonu made the closing remark.
    The following resolutions were made.
    a) The Governor was commended for coming up with the idea of the retreat to bring the participants up to date with their offices and responsibility most of all, holding the retreat within the confines of the Benue People’s House as a means of cutting the cost of doing government business.
    b) Participants expressed the wish that such retreats be held at regular intervals preferably on a quarterly basis.
    c) Participants resolved to align themselves with and work in accordance with the blueprint of the administration which is “Our Collective Vision for a New Benue” especially in the implementation of the five-point agenda of the administration.
    The agenda is as follows:
  27. Good governance and revenue security.
  28. Agriculture-driven industrialization.
  29. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)- based education and Health services.
  30. Investment in critical infrastructure.
  31. Gender, Women, Youth, Sports and people with disabilities.
    d) It was resolved that the code of ethics of the administration which is anchored on the fear of God will be the entrenchment of core values including transparency, accountability, justice, fairness, selflessness, humility, discipline, forgiveness, reconciliation, integrity, peace and unity.
    e) That all appointees in the administration have resolved to abide by the rule of law and due process in service delivery.
    f) Participants agreed that international best practices as well as the latest media and ICT tools will be deployed in delivering democracy dividends.
    g) That all appointees will work as a team and in synergy with one another and in partnership with the legislative and judicial arms of government to deliver on set goals.
    In God We Trust.
  32. Professor Dennis Ityavyar
    Hon. Commissioner
  33. Adaikwu Inwata
    Head of Service
  34. Tahav Agerzua
    Hon Special Adv1ser
    4 Hon Sam Aga
    ALGON Chairman
  1. aondoutsaha says:

    I write to express my utter disappointment with the composition of the exco of Benue State Government by the Governor of the State, from an Architect’s cum built environment point of view!!!!!!

    I do not understand how a lawyer will be made a Commissioner in the Professional Ministry of Housing and Urban Development-for instance. Two years ago, I wrote the an open letter to the then Governor, but it was obviously not considered and today, after seeing the assignment of portfolios, I have decided to unearth it and send to the Governor, albeit very late.

    The last strands of hope I had in this government are now COMPLETELY BROKEN and I forsee a regrettable BUSINESS AS USUAL, but it does not matter, afterall, it just one person, insignificant me!

    Even as insignificant as I may be, I will appreciate if my disappointment is conveyed to Governor Samuel Ortom, even as this may likely be my last take on his Government.


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