From 1991 To 2015: What Is Wrong With The Tiv Kingdom?

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Tor, Shiekuma Felix 
The great Tiv progenitors showed up in the autochthonous Benue valley after an arduous peregrination from their place of provenance. During this remarkable tick of the clock, I was not yet born, but oral traditions had explicitly articulated that Tiv kingdom was once a consolidated and indivisible nation inhabited by aborigines of impeccable integrity and dignity. They owed much awe for their cultural image

norms and values. The Tiv solidarity and the spirit of unanimity anchored and sustained the nation for quite a lengthy time. Interestingly, the Tiv nation was wreathed by close-fitted walls that were difficult for enemies to penetrate.
Eventually, Tiv folks were amidst the sundry tribes that gave warm reception to missionaries who came from alien fatherlands to promulgate the gospel of salvation in Tivland. This impelled them to relinquish their traditional religion. Thenceforth, Christianity began to gain ground in Tiv land, and it was eventually consolidated in 1964 with the translation of the holy Bible in Tiv language. Tiv people kept strong and unnegotiated faith in God of heaven. God was therefore their only source of blessings in wars, bountiful farm harvest; and fountain of unity, immunity and prosperity.

However, during the beginning of nineties till date when I started following up issues germane to Tiv nation, there are abrupt abnormalities and aberrations challenging our comfort as a stupendous nation. The Tiv people are no longer united, our immunity is lost, and so many other issues. The question is: from 1991 to 2015; what is wrong with the Tiv kingdom?

The wrongs
The Tiv people have imprudently turned away from their ancient God of heaven who was their source of blessings and protection. They have absconded in God’s presence and embraced satanic-induced practices that aroused God’s anger to the peak. These contumacious attitudes toward God stand as a Pandora box for the difficult times which are currently dancing in our land.
Our churches that ought to draw men unto salvation have woefully fizzled in their spiritual assignments. Most of our churches are idols centers where night men meet to perform satanic ceremonies and initiate people into secrete groups. Indeed, some churches are built after splitting of innocent blood or burying of innumerable innocent souls. Do you expect God to dwell in such land? Even the few ones that were established on solid foundation have turned into business ventures. God’s words have been merchandised by fake Tiv prophets. Imagine someone selling the blood of Jesus at exorbitant amount of money! Where did he get? These have attracted the wrath of God in Tivland.
Some uncultured practices that were obviously outlandish to Tiv nation and rated as highest form of taboo become operative in our land. Parents are copulating with their female children while sons are busy bonking their mothers. Elderly men have sometimes caught sexually abusing children at their tender age. Lesbianism is never a strange issue in our mist again. Tiv girls are so much addicted to sex life that they are currently doing the job themselves. Men on their part, they are ‘helping’ themselves via anal penetration. I recently saw lesbians from Tivland displaying their sexual skills in the cyberspace. Some social groups are also dedicated to this nefarious attitude. Do you expect such nation to receive God’s peace and protection?
The slaughtering of innocent souls is surging on the daily basis. Tiv sons and daughters are slaying themselves because of money and acrimonious politics. Does politics worth the life of an innocent soul? During the past two administrations in Benue state, good Tiv sons and daughters with promising futures permanently changed their earthly address because of political crisis. I can’t delete the bitter memories of the gruesome murder of Late Pharm. Ternenge Labe in Gboko. People striving to make Tiv nation a point of attention always enter their early grave because of envious attitude exuding from some heartless people who wantonly refused to wish Tivland well. Sponsored militia never relents on their job of aborting inculpable lives and getting their palms oiled. Do you think God will still dwell in a land where innocent bloods are gushing out on the daily basis?
Abortion is now a culture in Tiv land; it is no longer a sin. Promiscuous girls and double-timing married women are committing feticide. It is common to see abandoned dead bodies of immature babies and neonates on the streets in cartoons, close to riversides and other secluded places. For instance, there was a time that a baby who was ghastly strangled by a wicked anonymous mother was picked on the street in low cost, Gboko. The cries of brutally killed immaculate babies have reached up to heaven and the wrath of God therefore descended on the Tiv nation. Is it possible to experience peace again?
Wickedness, selfishness and jealousness are all attributes of the contemporary Tiv nation. The first love Tiv people had for one another is dead and buried. Tiv people hate helping one another. Some ex-military and Para-military men with influence in Tiv land detest endorsing their younger ones’ forms for recruitment exercise into Nigerian arm forces. My close chum is a casualty of this monstrous act. Even those at the helm of political affairs prefer to enrich their immediate families and accumulate illegal wealth than ameliorating poverty-stricken people who are swimming in the lagoon of hardship. Is this not selfishness and wickedness? Does God encourage this?
Secrete cults and subterranean brutal groups are operating in broad daylight. Cultists are everywhere in Tivland, shedding blood and raping girls. Politicians of easy virtues do use them to eliminate those who seem to be standing on their way. They are causing inrepairable damage in our tertiary institutions. Mysterious deaths from our hospitals, schools and other public places are mostly handwork of these brutal groups, because blood sacrifices is a fundamental rule in renewing membership; in fact, a sin quo non for membership. Matured and responsible people who supposed to join forces in fighting this social vice are part of it.
Beer parlours, night clubs and parties have taken the position of church in Tiv land. The proportion of Tiv people who patronized beer parlours, night clubs and parties outnumber that of church services. Women are now consuming alcoholic drinks more than men, don’t be surprise to spot them exhausting more than five cartoons of beer per sitting. These social gatherings have become social banks for irresponsible and visionless people. Moreover, these places are platforms for Tiv girls to advertise and sell out their heavily endowed resources. Gold diggers and debutantes explore these social throngs to grease their itching palms. Indeed, clubs are emporium where sex is bargained and negotiated like any other commodity – Anti-God behaviors.
Kidnapping that was a bizarre act before the Tivs finally finds its course in our mist. This is known to be a lucrative business for youths in oil producing states, yet it is now prevalent in the destitute Tivland. Worthless youths with their myopic level of thinking are on the daily basis kidnapping Tiv business magnates that are directly and indirectly boasting our economy by way of entrepreneurship.
The outcome
  Manifestly, the repercussion of Tivs’ recalcitrant disposition towards God has made Him to completely forsake the entire Tiv nation. The God of Tivs that we used to hear from our primogenitors is no longer with us. The devilish and satanic-induced practices recently instituted in Tiv land have aroused Gods fierce anger, and He has finally left us.
The wholesale killings exuding from Fulani irruption symbolizes God’s wrath. The same Fulanis that were sent packing during Jihad war, spearheaded by Queen Amina, are presently unsettling and slaughtering Tiv people in their own land. If you want to apprehend the best Tiv athlete that can run kilometers within a blink of an eye; mention Fulani appellation and you will see wonders. This is more so because our disobedience has propelled God to entrust us in the hands of brutal enemies.
God is using our leaders to descend His fierce ire on the entire Tiv kingdom. The Tor Tiv and his council are not active; in fact, they are in the state of abeyance. The government at the state level is crippled by corruption, wickedness and personal interest, at the expense of others. This has left so many of us in an uneasy perturb, but we should understand that God is simply using our leaders to lower the boom on Tiv nation.
Farm produces are no longer bountiful as before. There is no food in our basket that we used to brag about. Our land is no longer fertile and productive, even with application of organic and inorganic fertilizers. Drought that was uncommon in Tiv land is very familiar now. Do you ever care to understand why these things are supervening? God has lifted His blessings from our land.
People are mysteriously biting the dust per diem, yet some are busy drinking beer sans observing it. Minor and major operations are shoving people into their early catacomb. Communal crisis between or among clans and districts are burgeoning to an uncontrollable level, leading to horrible slaying of fellow brothers and sisters. This is an effect of God’s wrath.
There is no unity, love and solidarity. Recently, a wicked woman strangled her step son from Konshisha. She was sentenced to death by hanging after court verdict. This is just an instance for you to fathom the clear picture of the way wickedness and hatred is scourging the once united Tiv nation. So, how can we revive Tiv nation?
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