United Kingdom: Gabriel Suswam in the Belly of the Fish

Posted: July 4, 2015 in Benue 2015, Crime, Governance, News, Opinion, political, Politics
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By Tor, Shiekuma Felix
Evidently, after capsizing our booming economy and excavating voluminous social and political holes, the democracy arbitrator and despot, Gabriel Suswam, embarked on hush-hush trip to United Kingdom. His cruel governance has thrown a reasonable percentage, if not all, of Benue autochthons into untold and unpremeditated quagmire. The trepidation of falling into deep self-excavated holes and reaping from his reckless labour informed his trip decision. Moreover, the prudent and fugitive gentleman thought fleeing to


Gabriel Suswam

invulnerable country like UK is a nostrum to his pickle, sans knowing that his future is pregnant.
The cyberspace crammed two days ago with verified scoop that ex-governor battered his wife, Yemisi, for objecting his questionable relationship with mistress ‘Shidoo’, who aided Suswam in emptying our state strongbox. Yemisi placed an emergency call to the police from their ‘UK heaven’ to report the shameless wrestler who assaulted her physically.

The notorious and impudent Suswam was detained by Metropolitan Police domestic violence office at its London retention center. He was later released on £5,000 bail.  However, if found guilty; he could be jailed for about six months in the UK under the persons act of 1861.
Although immediately after this news entered the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, the UK refugee came out with unclear countenance to convince people that he did not beat his wife to comma, but he didn’t deny of £5,000 bail. This means he was only learning how to wrestle with his wife, and he mistakenly smashed her. – tough training!
I am not surprised at this because Suswam is never contented with anything, whether money, foreign houses or hotels. The same thing is applicable to women. During his administration, he was always gallivanting about the world in search of investors mostly in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore s where beautiful ladies abound. No single investor has come to Benue State since 2007. May be Shidoo is an investor.
However, this Suswam’s saga shares the same attributes with the bible story about Jonah. God sent Jonah to go and deliver a message of repentance to pathological sinners of Nineveh; however, he declined the assignment and boarded a ship to Tar shish, to him, he was heading to a more secured place, where the eyes of God could not spot him. However, God halted his premeditated journey while he was in the middle of the sea; by getting himself thrown into the sea and he was thereupon swallowed by a big fish.
God sent Suswam to lead Benue state to uncommon pinnacle of development, but he rather relinquished his primary assignment and engulfed himself into highly concentrated and undiluted corruption and wickedness. He intrepidly declined the God-given onus and accepted satanic-induced responsibilities.
After causing innumerable atrocities and inflicting unbearable pain on Benue aborigines, he felt Benue State was no longer secured for him and considered fleeing to a country where the ‘eyes of the Lord will not stare at him’. Jonah thought like that but in the middle of the sea, his journey was truncated. Currently, Suswam is in the belly of fish (security agencies) in the United Kingdom. The secured UK turned into abode of damned for Suswam.
Jonah at least stayed for three days in the belly of the fish, but in the case of Suswam we are expecting six months, if found guilty of the allegation. I am so much afraid because the rule of law is perfectly operating in the United Kingdom, so the possibility of buying justice, like in Nigeria, is actually slim.  Over there, the law is not the respecter of anybody, being you an erstwhile governor or not, justice must find its course.
Charity begins at home. Suswam didn’t show love to his people in Benue state, is it in UK that he will treat his wife as a hobnobber? Impossible! It is possible he forget that he was fighting with an average Benue woman.
However, Yemisi as former first lady deserved to be beaten. She aided Suswam in sinking Benue state. As a wife to governor, she could not for a day call Suswam to order. She was rather amassing wealth and raising splendorous edifices in Yoruba land. Since she didn’t have compassion on Benue people, she should not expect mercy from merciless Suswam.
It has becomes so limpid to me that stolen money and foreign houses cannot buy peace. And a man without peace cannot fully enjoy his accumulated wealth, no matter what. Money can give somebody like Suswam a beautiful wife but peace in-between them is not a purchasable commodity that money would buy. 
The UK government would now understand what it takes to tolerate a scoundrel in the duration of 8 years. The few days of his stay over there, he has started committing international atrocities. If swift measures are not devised to deport Suswam, one day he will lock horns with David Cameroon’s wife.
The prodigal son in the bible didn’t receive his father’s blessing and eventually, things didn’t go well with him where he sojourned. Suswam didn’t collect blessings from his Benue fathers, so don’t expect to hear any other thing from him than fighting. May be the next thing people will hear of him is becoming an international prisoner.
So many Tiv sons and daughters are subsisting in UK, has anyone ever heard of this ignominious act? This is a big clap on the face of every Tiv born. Moreover, this is a way of staining our hard built reputation. Don’t be surprised to hear that, henceforth securing a Visa to UK will be a herculean task for Benue people because somebody of questionable characters has already passed out excreta on their path.

Like I always said there is no special device in UK that can transform a devil into a saint. A saint is saint and a devil is a devil even in UK.
Tor, Shiekuma Felix can be reached via  talk2felixo@gmail.com

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