See List of Benue State Local Government Caretaker Committee Chairmen and Secretaries Here

Posted: July 2, 2015 in BENUE, Benue 2015, Governance, political, Politics
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Below is the list of Caretaker Committee members as approved by Benue State House of Assembly today:

  1. Ado-Paul Udenyi, chair and Paul Age, secretary


  1. Agatu: Chair, Ngbede Joe and Secretary Sule

3.Apa chair, Catherine Aba and Secretary Otokpa

  1. Buruku chair Godwin Iorsue

  2. Gboko, Emmanuel Kwaghgba as chair

  3. Guma: Samuel Aga chair and secretary Ukor Veatim

  4. Gwer East: Godwin Dele Uzuku, chair, secretary Nancy Umande

  5. Gwer West: Hyacinth Becky, Secretary Cyprian Wade

  6. Kwande chair, Mrs. Helen Ikpambese, Secretary John Abates

  7. Katsina Ala: Martins Aondona Ujo, Secretary Pius Tsavnande

  8. Konshisha, chair, Kordaa Adwem

  9. Logo: Chair Victor Kpandegh, Secretary Kwaghaondo Utsaha

  10. Makurdi, SG Gbashima chair and secretary, Celestine Chia

  11. Ukum, chair Solomon Kachina, secretary Ben Kile

  12. Vandeikya, chair, Hon Emmanuel Orsar Akura, secretary Iordyar Dekpoughur

  13. Tarka, Phoebe Akoom chair

  14. Ushongo Saint Gbilekaa Abrahams and Secretary, Ukor Uteeorga

  15. Obi chair, Paul Ikwe, Secretary Ajene Ogpu

  16. Oju, chair Otugbeikwu Omenyi, secretary Ojegbe

  17. Ogbadibo, chair, Paul Adoyi, secretary Sunday Ogbo

  18. Ohimini, chair Musa Alechenu, secretary Adakole Abutu

  19. Okpokwu, chair Christopher Ohilohi, secretary Theresa Ikwe

  20. Otukpo, chair Ijache Ode, Secretary Godwin Ode Ogiri



  2. oboh akobo ulaka says:

    this shows that Gov samuel orthom is ready to work for the development of our rural areas in Benue state.CONGRATULATION to all the appointees, Particularly the Chairman of Oju and Obi Local government areas.


  3. kyuen David says:

    congratulations to all the care taker chairmen most especially Hon. Samuel Agah Guma L.G.A and his cabinets


  4. Johnbless says:

    It’s never a lie that a former chairman of Obi L G A Benue State Hon Ode Moses Opila is dead after the swearing in and celebration of the new elected caretater committees of Obi L G A Benue State


  5. igo victor says:

    i am not happy with the way PDP is taking over from APC in benue state


  6. igo victor says:

    i wish to most sincerely congratulate Hon. ONAH PHILIP IGO upon his well deserve appointment as the Ag. Education Secretary Obi LGEA. We pray that may tenure witness a transformative changes that will take obi LGEA to next level.


  7. Nice government is very good


  8. Igba Bem Cornelius says:

    Point of correction! The caretaker chairman for Gwer-West is Hon. Hycinth Kwegi, is not Becky.


  9. I Aondongusha Ayoo From Konshisha I Thank Dr Sam Ortom For Opportunity Given Mr Kordaa To Serve Konshisha As Chairmanship Of The Local Govt. I Also Thank Governor Ortom For The Good Leadership And Infrastructural Development ,i Pray To God More To Take Benue To The Highier Level.


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