Indecent Dressing In Benue State: Who Is To Receive The Blame?

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

   By  Tor, Shiekuma Felix
Indeed, every right thinking human being will obediently come to terms with me that long ago there was a paradigm shift from our conventional and primitive style of living to a more polished and sophisticated way of life. Westernization must therefore be applauded for this phenomenal shift.


Verily, our eventful contact with the Europeans predominantly brought Christianity, education and technology, which have penetrated every sector of our economy and make life less laborious for us. However, beyond shadow of a doubt, civilization brought by the western world has caused inrepairable harm to our well treasured culture. – acculturation – the western culture was warmly welcomed in place of the Nigerian culture. Consequently, most uncultured people readily imbibed the deficient and indecent dressing style of the western world, without measuring it with the decorum and etiquette of our societies. Fortunately, this does not in any way prevent us from using our common senses.

Indecent dressing is simply the deliberate exposure of the vital and sensitive parts of the body ─ breast, fanny, thigh, navel and armpit ─ both by the feminine and masculine gender. Let me accentuate again, women are not the monopoly of indecent dressing; the men are also guilty of same.
In Benue state where I inhabit, this vice is surging on the daily basis. It is common to stare men sagging their trousers; even their under wears ─ pants. Women are on the other hand parading the streets in skimpy and half naked dresses. Some of these dresses are so transparent that their body configuration is easily understood by identifying secreted locations or areas.


I have articulated the question as to who is to receive blame for indecent dressing among men and women in Benue State, because I cannot imagine where those satanic-induced dresses would emanate from except from the pit of hell. However, the following people are blamed:
Some undutiful parents have often times overlooked their parental responsibility of training their children on modest way of dressing. In similar way, some parents who are exposed to western culture are responsible for shopping these uncultured and highly detestable dresses for their children.
Truly, these days many young men wear their trousers in such a manner that their belt ends up at the buttocks, almost displaying their anuses in the most offensive manner before their parents. On the other hand, girls are displaying their unpleasant breast and shapeless backside for their parents and brothers. Don’t be surprised that most parents condoned this repugnant attitude in their various homes, all in the name of civilization.
Anyway, I don’t blame some parents for condoning this evil, because older men and women with facial wrinkles are also dressing in this manner, and you dare not call them “Baba” or “Mama” if you hate spending the rest of your life in jail.  In most homes, parents and children can never be differentiated because of skimpy and see-through dresses. However, duties of responsible parents are beyond catering for food, health and education needs of their families: what to wear, how to wear and when to wear form part of it.
Indecent dressing has also outstretched its tentacles to holy estates (churches) instituted by God of heaven for fellowship with Him and fellow beings. Churches which are supposed to be strong adversaries of this vice, some seems to make allowances for it -encourage. Some pastors and reverend fathers have abandoned their spiritual role of preaching holiness; rather they are committed to exhorting evil deeds. Honestly, some worship centers share the same attributes with market squares and night clubs in terms of dressing.
If you go to some churches, people of easy virtue garbed themselves with skimpy dresses where areas meant for imagination are allowed to display in the full view. No doubt, this is a big distraction and temptation for sexually susceptible brethrens. Yet, as far as they are giving offering, some churches turned blind eye on this debauchery. Moreover, some pastors motivate young girls to do it to attract young men for marriage. The churches being custodian of morality should not be found encouraging this ill. Nevertheless, in order to emasculate indecent dressing, churches must wholeheartedly rise up to their spiritual roles and stop spiritual politics.
Indisputably, our societies are character builders; they are responsible for transferring cultural values and norms to the younger generation. This includes courteous way of dressing. Moreover, they ought to set standard on what to wear in their areas of operation. However, the menace of indecent dressing is obviously up surging in our societies, because traditional rulers and elders have so many times failed in their societal functions. – they have accommodated impolite and irritating mode of dressing. Old men are promenading village and market squares in sagged pantaloons, together with the youths. Don’t be surprised to see these graybeards saluting damsels on “free to air” dresses – this is a conspicuous sign of approval.
Prior to now, the deliberate exposure of erogenous zones of the body within and outside our societies was considered as proscription, but now it is a right; of course, a way of life. Admittedly, no sensible panacea has been devised by our societies to halts this obnoxious lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is a raw truth that our generation hardly accedes to the admonitions of graybeards, but to me, if strict and severe disciplinary measures from traditional perspective are applied to subdue this evil, defaulters will take heed to decency.

Learning institutions
Both elementary and tertiary institutions are receptacles of erudite and intelligentsias, who are expected to instill morals in the life of their students; this ought to capture a sacred mode of dressing. However, the laxly attitude of school authorities has helped in breeding indecent dressing in institutions of learning.
It is never strange to spot primary school pupils and post-primary school students sagging their tight legged uniforms and short knickers within and outside the school vicinity. On the other hand, girls preferred close-fitted uniforms with curvy shape to other accepted and modest styles. It is boring to hear that, girls are now sagging skirts, which even restrained them from comfortable and free locomotion. They dressed haphazardly like renowned artists, actresses/actors, musicians etc.
Tertiary institutions are indisputably Sodom and Gomorrahs of the 21st century in terms of indecent dressing. I am quite saddened by this development. Most girls no longer accord respect to their “sanctum sanctorum” in their way of dressing. They are fans of this vice because of money, and it is a polished avenue to attract men for sexual gratification. Some boys on their part dress unpretentiously on campus because of cult groups they belong to. This is why the apparels most students use while in school are totally different from those they use at home. Certainly, lecturers seem to have thrown their weight behind this, all in the name of the so-called freedom in tertiary institutions of learning.  Indeed, this ill is attributed to high rate of rape and sexual assaults escalating in campuses today. Still at that, some school authorities have not negotiated convincing plans to wind down this deadly attitude, which is capable of burying their trainees’ promising futures.
Although government would not legislate on dressing, I believe it can regulate the way we dress through legislation and through the building of moral values. However, many legal practitioners may raise issue of human rights here, but fundamental human right should not be an excuse for not subverting this satanic and satanic-induced attitude. Regulating what the young people read and watch should form part of it.
Peer groups
Ungodly peer groups are good agents of indecent dressing. In the course of their interactions, standards are set on what to wear and for the reason of conformity; innocent but in discerning youths would yield to these relationship requirements and join them in their objectionable way of dressing. They now walk on the street half naked, with tattered clothes all in the name of fashion – low waist, sagging, hot bosom etc. However, as teenagers, you must be cautious of the kind of clothes you put on. Our dress could show if you are responsible or irresponsible, serious minded or unserious.
Everybody who dresses indecently is to be blamed, for promoting evil. People should learn to imbibe positive values derivable from western world rather than copying evil.

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