The Benue State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ), has declared that the Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom and Hon. Nick Eworo who was the centre of the recent brawl at the Benue State House of Assembly remain members of the party.

This was made known by the State Chairman of the party, Chief Emmanuel Agbo,  during a press briefing in Makurdi today.
According to Agbo the Benue State governor who was voted on the ticket of the All Progressives Congress ( APC ),  remains a bona fide member of the party because he had not satisfied all conditions necessary for a member of his calibre to leave the party.

Speaking further the party chairman declared that the PPDP remains the majority party in the house as according to him,  Nick Eworo was not expelled from the party as he claims. He said the ward executive which were claimed to have expelled Nick lacks the the powers to expell a members of Nick’s standing.

He however advised that if Nick Eworo wanted to, leave the party he was free to but will be required to follow laid down guidelines which involve relinquishing the party’s mandate to face a fresh election, perchance he still desired to remain in the Assembly.

Meanwhile, the party has also chided the APC describing the recent election of Hon. Gabriel Adanyi as a show of desperation.  Chief Agbo said the manner in which the APC is eager to take over the Assembly leadership is proof of the fact that they only stole the mandate they now claim to have.

  1. sa us says:


    Perhaps you could tell readers how a member can leave the PDP.

    Can somebody educate me please


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