Alhaji Abubakar Tsav: An Official Talkative and Anti-Tiv

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By Tor, Shiekuma Felix

Alhaji Abubakar Tsav is an erstwhile Lagos State commissioner of police, and more recently, a member of board for National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and other Related Matters. It can easily be extrapolated from his thumbnail sketch profile that he is a police man by occupation. Moreover, he’s an intrepid Tiv social critic.
Admittedly, I venerate Tsav as a cosmopolitan elder statesman and a security whiz, who has exposed himself to all critical aspects of


Alh. Abubakar Tsav

life that form the basis for human existence. Besides, I expect him to use his professionalism to restructure the battered walls of Benue state and make it an envy of the world, but he nonetheless has become an official talkative.

I therefore commit to memory the words of wisdom by King David, who unequivocally asserted that “even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue” (Pro. 11; 28).  I so much reserved uncompromised awe for him, but his defamatory and provocative utterances against Tiv elites currently filling the media to the brim are tempting me to address him the other way. Indeed, his acrimonious statements are rather showcasing his folly and are capable of staining his hard earn reputation.
Alhaji Tsav finds extreme ecstasy in releasing slanderous assertions against treasured Tiv personages, especially those who seem to be playing from a different league. This calls for my attention to excavate facts and comprehend the grounds for their discrepancies, because his vantage standpoints are mostly subjective. Indeed, I really have migraine to fathom the rationales behind his tantrum, but I consequently resolved that he is an archenemy of change.
This renowned uniform man is a firm antagonist of Sen. George Akume, the immediate past minority leader of the 7th assembly, and all of his subordinates. I guess this emanates from clash of political interest. He was among the intrigues that designed stratagems to halt the senate presidency aspiration of George Akume. He directly and indirectly joined forces with foreigners to ensure that a Tiv is not enthroned as a senate president. To me, this is the highest form of treachery and character assassination.
During campaigns, lobbying and horse-trading for senate presidency, Alhaji Tsav publicly leveled allegations against the only Tiv son, George Akume, who was aspiring for the plum office; that Akume lacks moral standing and democratic credentials to be crowned as senate president. He accused him of financial fraud, massacring of Tarka/Kwande youths and so many other irrelevant indictments. The main purpose of these calumnious articulations was to drag Akume’s name to mud and to shut down his giant political move.
When I engaged myself to ponder on these subjective allegations, I uncovered that Alhaji Tsav is Akume’s academic grandson, when talking about credentials. I thenceforth discovered that Tsav also lacks morals because a responsible and mature somebody like him;  couldn’t hold a polite tee-a-tee with Akume on issues of interest, he rather treasured bombing him with insultive statements through the press. Is insult morals?  I also have it that no politician is an angel or saint, including Tsav; no politician had ever run a successful government without shading blood. Coming to issue of financial fraud, I imagined how a police man in Nigeria would be pointing accusing finger at a man because of financial fraud. Does it mean Tsav didn’t embezzle five naira when he was the Lagos State police commissioner? 
Alhaji Tsav had ample opportunity to aggressively recruit Tiv youths into the Nigerian Police Force, however, no single youth in Tiv land is a beneficiary of the offices he held. He has neither constructed a class room for his immediate community nor renovated any. All the roads leading to his village are swampy; soggy and sandy. Now tell me, is this man call witchcraft (Tsav) supposed to be babbling on the media? However, Akume’s leadership legacies are still ringing in our heart. I remember how he embarked on massive renovation of primary schools in Benue state; youths’ recruitment into Teaching Service Board; aggressive resuscitation of dusty roads within the state and so many others. So, who is Oga? Tsav? or Akume?
The down-and-out Fulanis are blood bathing Tsav’s brothers and sisters, but he has never for once utilized his security acumen to proffer lasting solution to this apocalypse. His professional advice alone matters, if he does not realize. So tell me, of what benefit he is to Tiv land and Benue at large? This is the most reason why he should stop using disreputable and cheap information gateways to make noise.
He recently outstretched his motor-mouth to Governor Ortom; that Ortom’s nullification of last minute actions taken by the past administration is a sign of overexcitement for occupying the office of governor. Is this not typical jabbering? To me, this statement is neither rational nor logical. How does it foster the development of the state?  Why doesn’t he comment on Fulani invasion?
However, anybody who still reasoning and loves the growth and development of Benue State would give thumbs up for Ortom’s informed decision. Ortom’s cancellelation of Suswam’s last minute recruitment is justified on account of the government’s inability to remunerate state workers for several months. The same thing goes to pensioners who are being owed retirement benefits for months. With this progress, is it sensible to take up financial burden arising from new recruitments?  I think a kid should understand this, not to talk of full grown up man like Tsav. Moreover, appointment of permanent secretaries and others made by ex administration including Director-General of Radio Benue was not back pedaled.
Meanwhile, Ortom had earlier admonished beneficiaries not to get partake in such an illegal process, but they wouldn’t hear. So, a stubborn fly that follows a casket to the grave must be buried together with the corpse.
Concerning the issue of reinstated monarch, there are laid down protocols guiding dethronement of monarchs as contained in the recent Benue Chieftaincy Act 2015.  These protocols were unduly skipped and overlooked by Governor Suswam and Co.  Even though the allegations leveled against Abomtse were true; he should have been given an opportunity to respond, since it was not in Nigerian Military Council. Moreover, the monarch dethronement was purely political affair and the cry of a wounded lion.
Excuse me; does Tsav care to understand why nobody is coming out to engage in war of words with him? All the people he is verbally attacking acknowledge him as an official talkative and anti-Tiv, because he does not believe in the unity; cohesion, growth and development of Tiv land in particular and Benue state at large.

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