Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, today forwarded a list of 13 commissioner nominees to the State House of Assembly for screening and confirmation as members of the state executive council.

The letter signed by Mr Targema Takema, Secretary to the State Government, sent to the Speaker of the House disclosed the list as follows:

  1. Barrister Michael Gusa, Gwer
  2. Professor Dennis Ityavyar, Vandeikya
  3. Dr Tersoo Kpelai, Ukum
  4. Mr James Anbua, Logo
  5. Engr. Nicholas Wende, Kwande
  6. Barrister Mrs Mwuese Mnyim, Makurdi
  7. Engr Emmanuel Manger, Tarka
  8. Hon Sekav Iortyom, Buruku
  9. Barrister John Otokpa Onoja, Ado
  10. Dr Mrs Cecilia Ojobo, Okpokwu
  11. Mr Lawrence Ekpo Onoja Jr, Ohimini
  12. Mr David Olofu, Apa
  13. Mr Ode Agih, Obi

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