Suswam: Come Back Home And Put Up a Defence

Posted: June 20, 2015 in Benue 2015, Governance, Opinion, press releases/ News letter
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              A Letter To Gabriel Suswam In the United Kingdom
       By  Tor, Shiekuma Felix
As a digital native, I have a strong conviction that distance is no longer a barrier to anything as far as the internet age is concerned. Even as you are currently lodging in United Kingdom, I consider this digital community most befitting to reach out to you. Apart from you decoding this message directly, I expect low priced apple-polishers who were scavenging on the crumbs of your paper administration to


Barr. Gabriel Suswam

forward it to you.
On the D-day, which was on the swearing-in day of new government in our dear state, Benue state, you were beheld by thirsty-for-information Benue people; boarding flight to United Kingdom. This singular scenario impelled inquisitive; snoopy people to start waggling their tongue on how a civilian dictator would zoom out of the country on a hush-hush note.

To me, the nightmare of then imminent tragedy was quite a gripping reason to burst your speed out of an unsecured state. Certainly, the immunity clause that made you “civilian general” was legally expunged and you became susceptible to manifold ambush that could have emanated from grumpy; choleric Benue aborigines. Moreover, Benue workers solemnly vowed to give you a black eye.
However, in your absence, in case you claimed to be deaf, the theme for every media discussion within and outside Benue state is the unaccountable and debatable debt of N90 Billion you bequeathed to your successor. The aggressive and rhetorical question is: what did you use the money for? I wish David Cameroon ─ your new boss ─ could grant you diminutive time to come over and account for this wicked debt. Nonetheless, if you seem to be unconcerned; history has already done much harm to your hard earned reputation.
I recall to mind how you held a holy Bible in your right hand during your swearing-in ceremony, sincerely pledging to serve the good people of Benue state with utmost truth, transparency and the fear of God. This clearly connotes that you entered into covenant with the God of heaven, but the divine agreement was later on smashed. The same people you solemnly vowed to serve during your inaugural speech in 2007 and 2011 respectively are now languishing in excruciating pain and acute poverty. Really, you did not make this pledge in United Kingdom; it was in IBB Square, Makurdi; so running to a foreign land after your administration is a clear indication of your inability to live up to your promises. Moreover, I was expecting to see you stand publicly in IBB Square again and boast of you achievements as a young quondam governor. The fear of accountability has however made you a fugitive and sojourner.
Additionally, after your vile undemocratic administration, the persevered people of Benue State are still blubbering for basic social amenities. ─ Water, road, electricity etc. Your engrossing self-initiated development blueprint: “Our Benue, Our Future” was just another painful slap and a mere fallacy; it was not implemented, rather, it was a polished avenue to rip off from state strongbox. Still at this you are busy in United Kingdom under air conditioner, drinking hot tea with Origbo bread, out of the penny people have toil for. Please, kindly accept being a parasite and liability, because you are feeding from what you did not labour for.
Tertiary institutions, if not all, are on strike because of non-payment of salaries; inherited from your administration. Even the few ones on session, teachers/lecturers simply sacrificed their meager earnings to give students a promising future ─ including those from Logo. However, since your children are receiving training over sea, there was no point consolidating our education sector over here, but remember a tree can never make a forest. What if the foreign governments also turned blind eyes on their education sector like you? Would you have been a beneficiary?
Benue workers and pensioners are direct victims of your big mess, as if they did mistakes for serving their state. Some of them have met their early grave because of destitution. No wander these proletarians have pettishly vowed not to forgive Benue Pharaoh, who held them captives for the past eight years, even more, irrespective of the loathly forgiveness you sought for. Excuse sir, the state you inhabit in United Kingdom, do they not remunerate their workers?
I was thinking that people from your treasured home town, Anyiin, would be an exception of this unpaid salaries saga, but I have it that your people are also casualties of your mismanagement. The street bulbs you fixed on every street in Anyiin is neither paying salaries nor feeding your people.
So, what will profit you if you gain the whole world, do all the earthly enjoyments in United Kingdom and have your people over here swimming in the pool of hardship? An ordinary Logo man has fatalism; pessimism as his last and final option, because of your leadership blunders. Is that how to pay back your people? Do you expect them to still boast of you?
Do you care to know why you lose track of your legislative ambition? With all your incumbency powers and state machineries that were at your disposal, you could not secure a space at the red chamber. This is terrible! First of its kind in Benue state: a sitting governor had never been humiliated to this depth. This was just a yellow card from people of Benue State who felt you are unworthy to represent them anymore; having seen the way you wantonly capsized their economy.
It is good for you to understand that red card is already waiting for you if only you want to come back and further on with your political aspirations. In essence, any political post you want to contest for, simply do so in United Kingdom ─ perhaps they are votes will change your situation.
I have greatly reserved my respect for international communities, which ought to be helping Nigeria in curbing the menace of corruption; are the ones promoting it by accommodating Nigerian looters. A congenital embezzler like you should have been redeployed immediately without any form of consultation and considerations.
Now, listen very well because I am driving towards conclusion. A thief is a thief, even in United Kingdom. There is no programmed machine over there that can transform you into a saint, in fact, no foreign women can reborn you to be an angel. The atrocities you have committed over here stand against you, irrespective of location and distance. Your records are properly shelved for reference and other historical purposes, because posterity must terrorize your lineage base on such documentaries. So, your trip to UK is another imbecilic thinking!
I can spot “Gabriel” on your appellation, and I therefore hold a strong and non-negotiable credence that you are a member of church. If I may ask: have you ever come across the story of Jonah. God sent Jonah to go and deliver a message of repentance to pathological sinners of Nineveh; however, he declined the assignment and boarded a ship to Tarshish, to him, he was heading to a more secured place, where the eyes of God could not spot him. However, God halted his premeditated journey while he was in the middle of the sea; by getting himself thrown into the sea and he was thereupon swallowed by a big fish.
Your case is similar with that of Jonah. Although, God didn’t halt your trip to United Kingdom, you still have uncompleted assignment firmly standing against you. God anointed you to deliver Benue State from their sticky wickets; but you rather threw them into untold hardship; penury and flee to United Kingdom. God must surely bring you back to come and face the wrath of contumacy, like He did to Jonah. Remember, nothing on this earth planet is hidden before Him.
Also, Gabriel is known to be an angel who brought the message of  salvation to Joseph and Mary , who in turn gave birth to Jesus Christ; our redeemer. Why is it that you intentionally diverted from the true meaning of your name? Why did you bring message of poverty, underdevelopment, bribery and corruption, and injustice to us? Consider changing that name to angel Lucifer.

Tor, Shiekuma Felix can be reached on

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