The Imperative of Sen. Akume’s Senate Presidency

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Benue 2015, federal, Governance, Opinion, political, Politics
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The Imperative of Sen. Akume’s Senate Presidency: An Open Letter to The National Chairman of APC John Odigie Oyegun
By Gyanggyang Terkura Yimave

Fraternal greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to you and family today as always and a heartfelt congratulation on your well deserved victory at the general election of March 28th and April 12th 2015. It was indeed a messianic mission for Nigerians who were more than fed up with the sham of shame kind of leadership style of the then great party but now in a state of comatose, the PDP. To


Odigie Oyegun

most of us, this victory was not a surprise as we contributed to it financially, our time, energy, talents, prayer and everything at our disposal. I have as it is, lost relationships that have been developed over time including my cherished friendship with my friend that served as the best man during my wedding, needless to dabble into such other bitter experiences sir. My joy now is that God has crowned our efforts with resounding success to which we are most grateful to Him.

Sir, when you were selected as the most suitable suitor amongst the several contenders to consummate the marriage with our revolutionary party, most of us lauded your choice and commended the foresight of the opinion shapers of the party. Our joy was premised on your impeccable track record in public life including your ascension to the exulted office of the Executive Governor of Edo State. At the same time, we were mindful of the fact that the task ahead is herculean bearing in mind the divergent interests within the echelon of party members. That you and the team have thus far performed credibly is a fact that cannot be ignored not even by your most adamant critics.
But as it is said, uneasy lays the head that wears the crown consequent to which we expected that trying moments like the choice of Senate Presidency and such other positions will sure present their challenges your way. I have no doubts what so ever in your capability to devise strategic ways of sorting such issues up. Before that is done, I will be glad if some things are taken into consideration and these are not restricted to but include the following:
1. Reward for hard work is a practice traceable to all society and organization types and Nigeria or APC (as the case may be) is not immune to this practice. Mr. Chairman Sir it is my studied conclusion that Dr. George Akuma has worked assiduously for our great party and as it stands he has to his credit 2 past National Chairmen of PDP (Elders Audu Ogbe and Barnabas Gemade) to the party. Besides, a onetime National Auditor of the PDP in person of Dr. Samuel Ortom (The Executive Governor of Benue State) has also joined those who have come into the APC amongst others. It is on record that regardless of the short time frame in which Ortom and Gemade joined the APC, they are Governor and Senator today respectively all thanks to Senator Akume.

  1. It is needless to reiterate that Sen. Akume served as a lee way to the entrenchment of the then opposition but now mainstream party of ours to the North Central Nigeria. When the Senator left the PDP in 2011 to the ACN, several people felt it was the end of his political career. However, history has judged him with kindness as the political stunts he has pulled are almost peculiar to him. If not, how can one explain the fact that within some weeks of his decamping to ACN he emerged victorious? How will one further explain the fact that he brought Sen. Gemade to APC some months to the elections to defeat a seating governor in the race to the senate? It remains inconceivable for Sen. Akume to have brought a candidate to contest against someone whose party was in power holding positions of the Governor, Senate President and President and defeat all of them to become the Executive Governor. But that is our leader for you, he roars where angels cannot whisper and that to me is one of the reasons why APC should reward him with the position of Senate Presidency imminently.
  2. My able, competent and erudite Chairman Sir, besides the contributions of Sen. Akume to the party at his home front, Akume as the leader of the Minorities in the National Assembly occupies the highest position there is at that level for the opposition up to this moment and has effectively represented us, is it not only appropriate for him to be upgraded to navigate our party through the troubled waters bearing in mind that he is not new to the routes?

  3. Furthermore, the issue of an Akume’s senate presidency to my mind is a divine arrangement and this is because he is the only candidate representing the ethnic minorities of our great nation in this present dispensation. He has become the face of hope for the minority groups reminiscent of J.S. Tarka of old who championed relentlessly, the cause of minority groups in his days. We should in no way try to give the impression that APC is a party without regards to the yearnings of minority groups as this will certainly not augur well for the party. 

  4. Also, let us not lose sight of the fact that Nigeria is a nation characterized with peculiarities one of which is religion. By the present arrangement, you will agree with me sir that the heads of Judiciary and Executive are both Muslims. It has therefore become imperative for the Legislature to be headed by a Christian if our party is not to be viewed as an Islamic party that it has been perceived to be.

Sequel to above, I make bold to state that the need for the APC to zone the position of senate presidency to the North Central and also ensure that Akume emerges has become inevitable as this is not only the right thing to do but it will stabilize the polity in no small measure. This demand I make mindful of the need to work tirelessly to see to it that the ANPP block of the APC need to be compensated as well. However, bearing in mind that national interest takes preeminence over and above party interest, the ANPP block can be compensated otherwise.

May the Lord help and guide you through this challenging moment and may He crown you with the wisdom to champion decisions that will not only make us proud of you, but also navigate our polity on higher pedestals of the nation’s development.

May the best of your yesterdays be the worse of your tomorrows Amen.

Gyanggyang Terkura Yimave

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