Why you Cannot Abandon the Senate Presidency

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An Open Letter to Dr. George Akume (The People’s Senator)
By  Gyanggyang, Terkura Yimave
May the peace of the Lord be on you and your descendants today and always. Congratulations for your well deserved victory as a Senator for the third time. We also make bold to congratulate you on your victory in waiting as the President of the Senate.


Sen. George Akume

We have chosen an open means to communicate with you our dear Senator, (the Civilian General that fights and conquers without shedding blood, the symbol of change and a party man par excellence and indeed the voice of courage)  not because we won’t have been able to share these thoughts with you face-to-face if we had so decided. However,  it is because we intend to share the same thoughts with the President of Nigeria, the leadership of our transformatory party the APC, women and men of goodwill, youths, generations yet unborn and even the international community for posterity sakes. Throughout the letter, I have will used “we” instead of “I” because it is my studied believe that these views represent the line of thought of majority of Nigerians who are on this voyage of change and transformation, but I take responsibility of the views and opinions.

A few days back, the social medial was rife with the news that you have decided to present a joint ticked with Sen. Lawal as Deputy Senate President and Senate President respectively. I do not know how true this is, but without trying to be an Asari Dokubo, I plead with you not to do so sir. You are the next President of the Senate, it is so glaring that even the blind can see, it is so loud that even the deaf can hear and this is premised on the following reasons:
The APC is a party of justice, equity and equal representation. To that effect, we posit that hence the President who is the head of the Executive is a Northern Muslim, the Chief Justice of the Federation who heads the Judiciary is also a Northern Muslim, it then goes without saying that the Legislature should be headed by a Christian to balance the power sharing equation and also allay the fears of most Nigerians who perceive APC as an Islamic party. This fear cannot be dismissed by a wave of the hand because it is real, those of us that are foot soldiers of the party can attest to that. This is in no way trying to promote religious sentiments but just to align the change concept with certain realities and peculiarities of Nigeria with the hope that we will one day get to the level where religion and other sentiments shall someday take the back seat in the nation’s political discourse.    
The need for your victory as the next President of the Senate has become more prevalent even as we believe that if competence must be sacrificed, it should not be on the altar of mediocrity. Without mincing words, you are a very competent and credible leader of international reputation. It is needless to recount your achievements and contributions to nation building as these have over time been chronicled in several books, journals, magazines and dailies for all interested persons to look up.    
Besides, APC has to without fear of contradiction zoned the position of the Senate President and other position as this is in line with the laws of the land which promote quota system. The wisdom behind this we believe is to give a sense of belonging to all Nigerians. Should the contest for the exalted office of the Senate Presidency be left open and either Sen. Lawal or Sen. Saraki (though he is from the North-Central, a Yoruba man and a Muslim as well and for obvious reasons, should not emerge as the President of the Senate) clinch the seat, it will then mean the ethnic minorities of Nigeria will not have a sense of belonging in the present dispensation bearing in mind that Mr. President and his Vice are from the majority tribes, and the rumor if rift to the fact that Hon. Femi is already cruising home with the Position of the Speaker of the House of Representative. You will agree with us sir that one of the best practices APC can take home from the PDP with no fear of harm is to give a sense of belonging to the ethnic minorities of our potentially great but realistically frail Nation.   
Further, historical evidence and empirical realities invalidates the postulation that you cannot emerge as the President of the 8th Senate bearing in mind that you are from Benue State. Proponents of this school of thought are quick to say that Senators Iorchia Ayu, Ameh Ebute and David Alechenu Mark all from Benue have at one point in time or the other occupied the position therefore you should not be given the seat. Sadly, they seem to forget that the present Vice President, OBJ, MKO,  of blessed memory, the late great siege Awolowo, Dimeji Bankole and most Yoruba people that have occupied positions of importance are from the stock of Egba Land just the way Katsina State has produced President Buhari, President Musa Yar Adua (of blessed memories), General Buhari, late Vice President Shehu Yar Adua, Speaker Aminu Masari and if one is to consider the fact that present day Katsina was partly caved from Sokoto and chunkily Kaduna, then the list will include President Shagari and Speaker Tambawal amongst others all from the same place. What then is so terrible about making you the President of the Senate?
Furthermore, it is a truism that APC owes its success especially in the North Central Nigeria to you and your teaming supporters. The mammoth crowd that attended the2011 campaign rally of ACN in Gboko when the leader of then ACN Sen. Tinibu, the Presidential candidate Nuhu Ribadu, your humble self and a host of others more or less served as an in route to the formation and as it stands the expansion of APC and its eventual success in the 2015 general elections. It is therefore not too much to be rewarded for this kind gesture as one good turn it is said, deserves another.   
It is worthy for the APC and its leaders to note that Nigerians that contributed in one way or the other (including financial for some of us) are after suffering immensely from inept leadership and bad governance cannot afford to stand and watch this administration commence on a wrong footing. Consequent on above, we make bold to appeal to the conscience of all involved to assist you clench this seat as we believe that impeccable leadership qualities will be brought to bear on the nation’s search for a needed transformation.
It is also note worthy that the issue of Senate Presidency has gone past you as a person. You cannot afford to reject the position sir. As sequel to the reasons outlined above, you are representing Christianity, you are representing the North Central, you are representing our generation which you have effectively served as a bridge to  your generation.
Again we thank you for taking time out of your tight schedule to read this letter of ours and we plead for your understanding in the event it is interpreted in any way other than the original intent of these views bearing in mind that it has been written with the purest of intentions for our beloved father land. We also hope that you will act on it as well as share it with all concerned.
May the best of our yesterdays, be the worse of our tomorrows Amen.

Many thanks
Gyanggyang, Terkura Yimave

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