Once Beaten, Twice Shy: Open Letter to President – General Mzough-U-Tiv

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Governance, Opinion, press releases/ News letter
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                                        THE PRESIDENT-GENERAL- MZOUGH-U-TIV           


                                                        ONCE BEATEN TWICE SHY


Sir, I am a Tiv Born from Konshisha Local Government of Benue State of Nigeria. I make bold to write to your office at this material time because of two reason: one, in my veins the Tiv blood flows in it, two the growth and development of Tiv nation is my utmost


Tor Tiv, DR Alfred Akawe Torkula


However, I want to use this medium/opportunity to congratulate you in your recent victory that brought you and the entire Mzough U Tiv executive committee to the helm of affairs of the “Mzough U Tiv”.

Sir, I want to draw the attention of the office of the president-general of the Mzough U Tiv and your humble-self to recent happenings in Benue State but most especially the Tiv extraction, which by the grace of God you are been saddled with it’s leadership.

Am writing with the greatest of humility and I consider it a priviledge and honour done  me, even as I doff my hat as I humbly bring to your attention the speech/utterances made by Alhaji Abubakar Tsav RTD Commissioner of police a Tiv man against the Senate Minority Leader of the 7th Assembly and a front-runner of the senate president of the 8th Assembly Senator (Dr.) George Akume  also  a Tiv man. So if Tsav, Akume and my humble self are both Tiv(s) it then implies we are all your subjects by virtue of the office you are holding. Tsav  utterance/speech towards senate minority leader was very bad, wicked and uncalled for  His Speech is all over social and printed media you can attest to the fact the influence the social media  have played in recent political dramas in Benue and Nigeria at large. This is Tsav full speech.

Reason: Why Akume shouldn’t be senate president: ordinarily, it would be a thing of joy if Tiv man is elected senate president: like senator David Mark. He would help to lift the Tiv people to limelight and give jobs to our teaming youth.

He is violent and quarrelsome even in Church, He uses obscene language to abuse Elders. I witnessed that in the Catholic Cathedral in Gboko. This apart, the lacks democratic credential, he is corrupt and violent.

During his tenure as Governor, he caused the death of many youth in Kwande and Tarkaa L.G.A who were opposed to him. He is violently intolerant, his handling of fathom Egnmale ceent factor Sheraton Hotel project, fertilizer blending plant, Benkim plastic factory etc all in Benue State which huge some of expayers money was paid with no job done.

I still have relevant documents in my possession. Although I cannot influence or prevent the appointment of senator Akume as senate president. I will wait and assess General Buhari’s approach to cases of corruption before I revalidate my complaint against senator Akume”

Sir that was the speech credited by your subject (Tsav) against your subject (Akume). I copied the full speech herein for your ease access.

However, I deduced loud and silent points and reasons that have prompted Tsav Abubakar to attack Akume’s character at this trying moment of Tiv nation; I consider his attack not on Akume but the Tiv nation and mostly Tiv youth. One of the reasons I saw in Tsav’s utterance targetted at frustrating Akume’s senate presidency is the reason that prompted the title of my letter to your Desk Sir. You will recall that in the seventies a similar drama occurred between late J. S Tarkaa Mbakor, Tarkaa Local Government of jembgba and late Godwin Daboh of kunav, vadeikya Local Government, Jechira.

Sir I will not bother you with much details of the drama of the seventies because I m aware that you are equipped with every detail.

But am worried so much, because of the aftermath of the “If you Tarkaa me I will Doboh you” the damage is still fresh in the minds of the youth of this general sir, now that we are about to forget the old past and be consoled and about taking a deep breath/sigh of relief as one of our own is about to climb High the leader of leadership at the senate (senate president) I for-saw the Re-occurrence of the seventies.

The president-general of the Mzough U Tiv I wouldn’t want to bring sentiment to this issue otherwise I would have written elaborately on the “ Doboh me I Tarkaa you” however I do have a question, why are the Kunav always rising  against Highly projected Tiv sons especially from the Mbakor extraction;  seeking there downfall.?  

The second reason RTD Commissioner of police Lagos State Command Altered such unguarded speech against senate minority leader George Akume aiming at frustrating his senate presidency bid is because He (Tsav) have never thought of the well-being of the Tiv youth, No wonder He never recruitted one Tiv son into the Nigerian Police force even when he was a commissioner of police.

Third, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav rtd Commissioner of police said Senator George Akume lacks democratic credential. I really ponder on this “Akume Iacks democratic credentials” this gave me course to visit Dr. George Akume’s Wikipedia page over and over for your ease access sir;

Senator (Dr.) George Akume obtained a B.sc in sociology and M.sc in labour  relations. Both from the University of Ibadan. He becomes a career civil servant who rose to the apex of the professional career ladder as a permanent secretary. He served as the Governor of Benue state from 1999-2007. He is currently representing the good people of Benue North West as a ranking senator and he is the senate minority leader of the 7th Assembly. Senator Akume is the sole senator that has established the 7th Assembly because of his leadership  antecedents  as the minority leader. With this rich Academic and democratic credentials and records one really wonder where Tsav got the “LACK” he used in the statement “Akume lack democratic credentials somebody that have served a state at the level of being the State Governor for two terms, proceeded to the national Assembly and has been reelected for the third time, currently serving as the senate minority leader.

Fourth: The  rtd Commissioner of police emphatically said Akume is a violent  man;thehe said it that caught my attention; in the short speech he (Tsav) delivered he called Akume a violent man three times, I will leave this for you to speak on hence you are the father.

The last thing I deduced from the speech he made is “I will wait and assess Gen. Buhari approach to case of corruption before I will re-validate my complaint against senator Akume” why will Abubakar Tsav have to wait and see? After such an unguarded utterances and defamation of character, even when he is aware that there is no corruption case hanging on Akume’s neck.

By implication, he meant even if Akume eventually becomes the president of the Senate, he shall continue with his petition as it is the custom of a Tiv man to always write petition against a Tiv brother once you are in Abuja. Another Benue son have served in that capacity for eight (8) years, there was/is no petition, no foul or derogatory utterance towards him from the Tiv extraction of Benue State does it mean, he is a saint? When will the Tiv man leave behind this syndrome called “phd” (Pull Him Down).

Sir, when you assumed office as the president general of the Mzough U tiv, you and your executive committee came-up with a 15 point agenda, which the Tiv nation felt if pursued would become a launching  Pad for progress and elimination of our frustration. Top on your 15 point agenda list is “(1) to develop a Tiv agenda to promote and pursue Tiv interest”. When I saw your 15 point agenda I lauded you and your committee especially the agenda number one I quoted above.

A common Tiv man on the street believes today that before his Son’s name is reflected on the list of any short-listed names a federal recruitment in any ministry it must have come out of the office of the president of the senate, because of the way Tiv sons/daughters are been marginalized in recent time as far as federal recruitment is concern; having taken this into consideration, I write as your subject and also as a Tiv son to draw your attention to few elements among us that never wanted the progress of the Tiv nation; As a matter of urgency move against such elements, therefore resolve such matter positively in the favour of Tiv nation.

Sir, as the president-general of the Mzough U Tiv, you must give urgent attention to this issue for the seek of (a) your legacies (b) posterity and providence and (c) to fulfill all the promises you highlighted in your acceptance speech which is on record.

Sir, with humility but high sense and spirit of patriotism. I write and demand for the following:

i.                    That Alhaji Abubakar Tsav be called to order

ii.                 Tsav should be order to re-join and fight for the Tiv agenda and apologise for such an unguarded utterances

iii.               Mzough U Tiv should mobilize for the actualization of the senate presidency of the Tiv son (Akume)

iv.               If he resist he should be sanction.

I thank you specially for finding time to read and hereafter attend to the issues raised in this letter. I laud you once again for you approach you used immediately you assumed office as the president general of the Mzough U Tiv. Your vast consultations is one of the few reasons you shall succeed sir.                                     

I look forward in seeing your prompt reaction and seek an acknowledgement of this letter.

Thank you for the anticipated consideration

Yours faithfully,

Armstsong Iorwase Msugh Chir

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