Unpaid Salaries : Benue Workers Set to Disgrace Suswam Tommorow

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Benue 2015, Breaking News, Governance, News, political, Politics
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Benue workers have vowed to give Governor Gabriel Suswam, the disgrace of his life, come May 29, when he will handover to the incoming Governor, Dr Samuel



The workers are aggrieved about the failure of the government to pay their salaries which has led to a backlog of 4-5 months of unpaid wages and shut down of tertiary institutions in the state.

Suswam had on Sunday pleaded with civil servants in the state to forgive him for falling short of their expectations, saying he had good intentions, but it seems the workers have had enough.

According to reports, a section of Benue workers are hatching plans to carry live pigs to IBB Square, the venue of the handover ceremony, in mockery of Suswam.

In September 2009, Governor Gabriel Suswam was alleged to have been caught with 47 billion naira in the US and when asked what he was doing with that kind of amount, he said he want to buy pigs for the state. True or not, this incident has been a source of mockery and insults for the embattled governor since then.
Source: Benue.com.ng

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