Policy Suggestions for the Governor- Elect of Benue State, Dr. Samuel .I. Ortom

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Governance, Opinion
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By Paul Akile – Marcellinus Jato

Congratulations your Excellency, over the overwhelming victory of a popular mandate to administer the will of God the Almighty over his people in Benue State.
Your victory is all embracive as a popular mandate of trust and responsibility which was delivered by the massive goodwill of the Benue people accross party, ethnic and religious lines which is a clear testimony of divine intervention to repair the land.
It also marked the realization of a long walk to freedom which was obstacled by injustice, deprivation and frustration, thus ushering in


a great sig of relief for a return to normalcy.
As we celebrate this monumental success in our liberation struggle, it is  also instructive to be guided by the values of justice, fair play and equity as factored ordinances for promoting good- governance, stability and democracy in a manna that a positive precedent is set for sustainability.

Fortunately, you are a co-traveller in the service industry, with a deep participatory insight in the political system. As a celebrated party administrator and government functionary, you are expected to bring to desk your acquired skills in decision making consistent with consultation and teamwork.
Your Excellency, pre-inauguration activities are hightened with ominious speculations from varying sectors particularly on intended appointments into the cabinet particular reference is made to the alternative newspaper publication of May 18 page 2 where considerations were made for key and sensitive portfolio in the new government under your supervision.
Without prejudice to the personalities of these speculative appointees, it has become imperative to suggest a feasible methodology for such appointments in line with the tradition, ethics and standards for a stable and pragmatic take-off such that will suit a smooth sail and image value for the government.
Remember, these initial decisions will firmly establish a long lasting impression and reputation for our government, especially that the change has become a reality today, with tremendous anxieties, expectation and demands. Your ability to exercise farness over the distribution and allocation of political patronage shall ever remain your greatest strength and source of success.
In choosing your team, you must consider foremostly  merit and then  appropriate distribution of available opportunities not withstanding pressure, you must adhere strictly to the principle of fair play, without compromising popular interest and demands.
The first step to failure is to accept imposition of candidates whose disposition is at variance with your vision, you must be careful in the choice of a competent team that can guarantee partnership in stewardship.
Be that as it may, it is our sincere and genuine counsel that you adopt the model of this sharing formula of equanimity along the arms of political structure for the respective three senatorial zones that constitute the state.
You are honourably and popularly elected the Governor of the state from Zone B, while your deputy comes from Zone C, it is advisable to consider the appointment of a secretary to the state government from Zone A in order to balance the executive frame  work of your structure in the state.
Secondly, the legislative structure take its course in the same manner, such that the speaker comes from Zone A, majority leader Zone B and deputy speaker from Zone C. This sharing formulas will surely ensure stability as an all inclusive and mass participatory strategy that guarantees a highly mobilized support base for the  party.
The state executive council team should be drawn in accordance with the dictates of fair distribution, but with priority standards on personal integrity and competence. This can afford you the mantra  of supervision of your appointees with an extracted commitment, loyalty and allegiance. We expect you to set benchmark for a performance for your commissioners and advisers.
Your Excellency, is to note that our interest is not to project any particular candidate but to represent the popular aspiration of the common man whose main thrust is to further popular demands. The victory of the APC for change was won at a great cost, we must therefore protect it jealously.
Finally, change has come and it will manifest physically, socially, mentally and practically with the involvement of positive  agents. Indeed the most constant thing in life remains change.

Paul Akile – Marcellinus Jato lives in Abuja, Nigeria

  1. Abankwa Kelvin says:

    Would like 2 air out my observation as well as its corresponding advice 2 the governor elect. dis vry policy suggestion and innumerable others that i may not hav heard/read must be filtered before assimilation as many pple that sounds unselfish nd progress oriented are not saints. May God’s divine wisdom nd direction that u require 2 deliver nd discharge ur duties be granted you sir.


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