It is common news today that member House of Representatives representing Makurdi/Guma Federal Constituency and one time governorship aspirant under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Jime has


dragged his party and the governor-elect, Chief Samuel Ortom before the court.
This legal attempt which is yet to blossom is becoming an item in common beer parlours, motor parks and all idle man spots including becoming a buzz on social media. The case has the potential of becoming a celebrated one especially with the seeming resilience of the aggrieved character and the interests involved.

This legal case which was initially an inter party tussle has seemingly taken a hydra-headed dimension as the parties involved are no longer just members of the APC but a clannish battle laced with an ego trip.
Already the Iharev clan save for a better enlightened few, has taken up the Jime tussle as one aimed at restoring their clan’s prestige and returning the “iharev governorship” which most of them have built their belief around the mirage that paints the picture of a stolen birthright.
However this discourse is neither focused on the merits and demerits of the case nor its clannish entanglements but about the morality behind Jime’s cry of cheating and injustice as believed to be metted out on him by his party, APC.
Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Jime a lawyer, should be averse with the maxim, he who comes to equity must come with clean hands, as such this analogy should have run through his head a couple of times in the course of his crocodile tears for justice.
Politically Hon. Jime is no novice having occupied the esteem seat of the Speaker of the House of Assembly in 1993 even as a political green horn from whence he shot to political prominence and later became House of Representatives member after one failed attempt in 1999. His success in subsequent elections form the crux of this essay as it tells of the oil and soil of his rise to stardom which should have made for a moral rethink when Karma came knocking.
Today most supporters of the undoubtedly intelligent House of Representatives member are heard shouting on the roof tops how democracy was raped to deny him of the governorship ticket; how Samuel Ortom’s emergence was undemocratic; how his case is pursued in defense of democracy. However they hace failed to say how democracy was violently raped continuously to put him on his today’s high horse.
This serves to remind him and his followers of his meteoric rise against the denial of others’ democratic franchise; how in 2011 the victory he savoured to this point was a product of denial Hon. Dickson Tarkiir of a party ticket through same “undemocratic means” and further rigging of the elections against Hon. Clement Uhondo who lost due to votes manipulated by the one he now fights from Guma. Need he be reminded how George Akume, (the one who used to serve him tea as Speaker in 1993) had to manipulate and force other candidates to ensure he was made party’s choice in 2006?
When Jime jumped ship to the APC under the guise of becoming a democrat over night he should have very well known that history and indeed karma had a way of paying back. Christians always talk of the word restitution which is the phase the wonderfully smart lawyer is passing through today. Thus while acknowledging his efforts at adding to judicial knowledge bank and the enriching the Nigerian judiciary sytem, he should be remionded that a jure suo cadunt .

  1. Chief Vershima Orkuma Hemen says:

    Your over zeroes write up indicates the amount of money given to you. But is very unfortunate for you and your sponsors that you are not God neither are you the judges that will judge the case. Shame on you.


  2. concerned youth says:

    It is time we as citizens place our integrity over cheap fame and false ideology, Ortoms emergence as APC candidate was wrong, if Jime emerged as a false candidate over Tarkigh and he Tarkigh ran to the law, am sure he would have been granted justice. But I must remind you, posterity is what your kids will hear…. There is power in what is written.. Lets advocate for the right thing without any sentiments.. But at the end let the court of law decide and the best person should stand.


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