Pursuit of Spiritual and Academic Excellence: The Unique Secondary School Example

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Engr. Felix Atume and Prof. David Ker

In its pursuit for total excellence the management of Unique Schools Makurdi has taken a step further to ensure her students are equipped Spiritually and ready for their future through good career choices.
This is as the school only recently hosted two distinct personalities; the Catholic Bishop of Makurdi Diocese,  Most Rev. Wilfred Chikpa Anagbe CFM and Prof. David Ker, former Vice Chancellor of the Benue State University.

The Bishop who spoke to the students during the race for excellence and career talk, called on the students to shun all acts of truancy, recusancy and moral decadence but imbibe “moral rectitude as a fastened rule” in the pursuit of whichever career they may choose, in order to find favour from God who is the fount of excellence. He stated this while addressing the students at the school hall.
The Bishop, who earlier on was taken round the school to see the facilities, was captivated by the serene environment. He appreciated


Bishop Anagbe, Engr. Atume and Mrs. Atume

the management for taking good care of both the environment and the students. He was also pleased with the students for their orderly conduct and urged them to continue so that they would give honour to both their parents and the school while also earning credit to themselves.
In a nostalgic scene, the Bishop shared his school’s experience with the students and in a suasive tone, encouraged them to take their studies seriously so as to be able to tell their stories one day to others who come after them. He enjoined them to forbid examination malpractice and cult activities as they are not paths ever taken by excellent people. Great men, such as Jesus and Abraham Lincoln were able to accomplish a lot in their life time due to hardwork, commitment and fervent prayer to God for the enablement. He therefore, maintained that students must commit themselves to reading and avoid examination malpractice since it is a sin before God, anyone seeking God’s favour for excellence must not indulge in it, in order not to provoke His wrath.
He further condemned parents who aid their children in examination malpractice and enjoined them to desist from such since it is an incredible act which only serves to devastate our already fallen standard of education. He urged that parents should team up with the school system to train a generation of excellent people with the fear of God, who can selflessly work for the emancipation of


Bishop Wilfred Anagbe and Engr. Felix Atume on tour of the School

The Bishop, while commending Engr & Mrs Felix Atume for their commitment to set up a standard boarding school, said the school structure was comparable to schools anywhere in the world and it offers opportunity to young people to experience quality boarding education that has eluded young Nigerians since the 1970s.
He expressed dismay over government’s lack of commitment and control of the public school system, which he traced back to the 1970s, and which has led to low academic standard in the country. However, the emergence of private schools has salvaged the Nigerian school system from total collapse.
He enjoined teachers to consider whichever position they find themselves as an opportunity to serve humanity. “Look at what posterity will say about you and not what you have acquired”, he maintained.
Earlier in his welcome speech, the principal of the school, Mr Mashika, A, E. welcomed his Lordship to the school and thanked him for accepting to talk to the students within a short notice. He requested the Bishop to post a Reverend Sister to the school to assist in moral upbringing of the students.


Cross section of the Students


Students during the talks

Engr & Mrs Felix Atume in their separate speeches thanked the bishop and reiterated the request for a Rev. Sister.
In his response, the bishop promised to grant the request but that the school should give him time to check around.
The bishop’s visit ended with a solemn prayer and sprinkling of Holy water on the students as a sign blessing.
Prof David Ker on his day, spoke on the topic: “Who is your Role Model?” This was a special package designed to shape the students’ views on how to overcome the challenges faced in making career choice.
In his presentation, the academic don admonished students to be resolute and go for desired careers and not those superimposed on them by parents or guardians. He said that “the opportunities for you (students) are limitless and the careers are numerous. So, you need to be careful in making a decision about your career”.


Proprietor, Engr. Felix Atume delivering a speech

He anchored his discussion on a good role model as they (role models) have much to contribute to one’s life. He encouraged students to, through prayer and wisdom, admire people of standing records and aspire to be like them. He said that even though people’s careers are influenced by their role models, it is not a fastened rule that one must choose the career of his/her role model. A role model only plays the role of shaping one’s focus on achieving excellence. He encouraged the students not to hesitate to choose among them those who are academically hard-working as their role models.
It is important to note that as the school motto goes “YOU MUST BE THE BEST”, more efforts are in the pipeline to ensure that Unique Schools live up to it.

  1. Agnes alex says:

    God will reward him of his act. He left a mark that can never be enrase in the life of that child.


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