Suswam’s Assistant PK in Over one year 300,000.00 Naira Debt

Posted: May 8, 2015 in BENUE, Business and Commerce, Crime, life and human interest, makurdi, News
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.Please pay me money Boy begs

A touching account by a citizen who has not been paid despite having completed his job.  

The CEO of PKURA Marketing Limited is currently embroiled in a 300,000.00 Naira loan scandal with a youngman named Amenz Ten Omoba, who installs security vehicles immobilizers over a job he refused to complete payment after the job has been completed over a year ago.
The young man after unsuccessful efforts to get his money, has appealed to the general public to prevail on PK as he is commonly called to pay him his balance even as he today reported that the Department of State Security Services have summoned him on account of a petition by PK over the matter. Below is an account written by him.

I’m a security consultant and I own a company that renders services both in supply and installation of security vehicle immobilizers ( Trackers ) to Government parastatals, Local Govt offices and even individuals! I’m also the networking administrator/Distributor with Tramigo™ an international security company which produces a wide range of security products which I head in benue.

On the 16th of April 2014, I got a call from the Governor’s assistant (P.K) to meet with him at his petrol station on Abu King Shuluwa road that he was referred to me by a top government official (name with held) to install vehicle immobilizers on 10 ambulances donated to the federal medical centre by the Association of local governments of Nigeria (Algon) which we discussed and came to a final conclusion of N100,000 per device which amounted a total of N1,000,000 (one million naira) of which he asked for a proposal to be made by my company which I did and submitted. Weeks after, I got a call on the 7th may 2014 exactly a year today by him (P.k) to meet at diamond bank wurukum on otukpo road which I did and was given a sum of N700,000.00 being a part payment for d job order on an assurance that on finishing the job I’ll be handed my balance which I sent to you a screen shot.

The job was done 100% with witnesses to show that I had executed the job. A week went bye, a month, then months of calling and text msgs even down to meeting him on several occasions but to no avail. I even went as far as telling his sister the wife of the former Governor to talk to him which he promised he’ll pay! 3 weeks ago he saw me at judges qtrs stopped his car n begged me not to b angry that after the joint account meeting for may which wss held on Tuesday 5/05/2015 I should call and he’ll pay me. I put a call thru to him yesterday being 06/05/2015 at 12:32pm in the afternoon reminding him but as the conversation went which lasted for 17seconds he hung up on me and didnt return a call after knowing very well I was the one he spoke with.

Its exactly a year today and for a man who has more than what he owes me and after a year on has refused to pay for services I rendered him shows utter wickedness! I want that money back Paul Kura!


Receipt of the initial payment of 700,000.00

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