By Onov Tyuulugh

The  rushed and hurried appointment of six (6) First Class Chiefs by the Tiv Traditional Council, under the directive of the outgoing Government of Dr. Gabriel


Suswam , in spite of a subsisting Court Order; restraining the council and the government, if not a deliberate attempt to extend the impunity and recklessness that have become the character of the Suswam administration
into the incoming Government of the All Progressives  Congress; APC, is certainly, a move to spite  and test the will of the Ortom administration. Such dare-devil acts  to undermine the will of the people will not be tolerated by the incoming Government of APC.

By this act and several others before this, the Tiv Traditional  Council under the  leadership of HRH Orchivirigh Alfred Akawe Torkula, has demonstrated that it has  neither respect nor regard to the tradition and conscience  of the Tiv nation. The Tiv Traditional Council has become the tears of the Tiv nation.

The Tiv Traditional Council has also demonstrated that it has no respect for the rule of law but would do anything to prove its loyalty to the skims of the PDP and to the whims and caprices of Dr. Gabriel Suswam. No sensible Traditional Council will undermine  the warnings of a soon to- be -sworn -in- government, disregard a subsisting court order issued by the State Chief Judge and  menacingly go ahead, with such infernal gaiety to appoint first class chiefs as if the world is coming to end.

Our  desire as a government  is to  build strong institutions and not to create or perpetuate strong personalities. We hope to nurture a Traditional institution with integrity anchored in the culture of Transparency. In this regard, the Traditional Institution must remain exemplary and sacred as the first layer of government interaction with people and custodian of the people’s values and cosmology and not as an asset to politicians/political parties to reward loyalty and favour cronies. 

Against this background, we consider the current exercise that has seen the appointment of 6 First Class Chiefs in Tiv a reckless act in futility that is null and void and of no effect whatsoever  in the incoming Government of the APC.

We assure Benue people that we shall not allow such contemptuous criminality to go unpunished no matter who is involved. Meanwhile, Benue people should remain calm and take the exercise as a no event as such acts of impunity and criminality have no place in an administration of the APC.

No conscientious government will make the issue of appointment of first class chiefs with the attendant financial implications a priority over non payment of salaries and allowances of  workers and pensioners. 

Hon. Onov Tyuulugh Is the State Secretary; APC

  1. AYUH GODWIN says:

    i think the pdp is cookin up somethng unpleasant. even at d centre, things are turning out pdp shud b watched closely wit a microscopic intelligence.


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