Stop Blackmailing Us, Benue APC to Suswam

Posted: May 2, 2015 in Benue 2015, News, political, Politics
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The All Progressives Congress in Benue State has responded to the statement credited to the state commissioner of Information and Orientation, Mr. Justin Amase, that the APC Governor- elect, Chief Dr. Samuel Ortom was acting as though he was already sworn in.


In a statement issued by the State Secretary of the APC, Hon. Onov Tyuulugh, the party said that they are not interested in Suswam’s olive branch and overtures.

The statement therefore advised Suswam to stop blackmailing the incoming government with his so called olive branch, since the party with the mandate of the people does not need anybody’s olive branch.

According  to the party scribe, “democratic power proceeds from the mandate of the people and the Suswam government should stop making us feel apologetic for receiving an overwhelming mandate from the people.”

Hon Onov added that “the outgoing government of Gov. Suswam was only being jittery and afraid of an impending termination of its tenure” and  reminded the PDP of the fact that their tenure is about to end and “it will be fool hardy for them to take any actions that will encroach into the tenure of another government. They should stop frustrating the process, as democratic transition will take place, whether they co-operate or not” stressing that, “it is in their interest to cooperate with the incoming government.”

The state secretary further advised that as a government in the terminal point of its tenure, “the PDP will certainly have issues with every action of the APC as salt and sugar have no difference to a dying tongue. They should accept the fact that the people want change; have voted for change and the APC is eager to provide that change.”

Consequently, the APC state secretary advised the PDP not to constitute itself into a stumbling block to change as the current conduct of the PDP government of Gov. Suswam   is  on the verge of inhibiting change .

On the planned move by the outgoing government to appoint First Class Chiefs on the eve of their departure, Onov warned the out-going government “to be careful in handling state affairs, insisting that the party maintains its earlier position that Gov. Suswam’s plan to enthrone first Classs Chiefs, conduct Local Government Election and secret recruitment into the Civil Service which, is fraudulently being carried out must be suspended, as beneficiaries of such exercise would be sanctioned.”

The APC reasoned that rather than engage in some unwholesome actions which would backfire sooner or later, the party advised Gov. Suswam to “pay outstanding salaries of Civil Servants and pensioners, and stop chasing winds by acts that are inimical to the peace and progress of Benue State, such as the vindictive deposition of the Ter Nagi, Chief Abomste.”

The party warned that in as much as the APC may be prepared to massage the ego of the PDP government so that they feel no pain in the democratic change that has come, “such should never be misconstrued for fear as the handover date is sacrosanct and will take place,” the statement added.

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