The Dark Maneuvers of the Black Cat of Anyiin

Posted: April 24, 2015 in News, Opinion, political, Politics
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Suswam the black cat of Anyiin Logo is at it again. In a move clearly designed to go virile and elicit opprobrium from the public, he appears to have donated 8 Sport Utility Vehicles to the Governor Elect of Benue State, Dr. Samuel Ortom, the Deputy Governor Elect, Engr. Benson Abounu and their respective wives
.  He did it with so much flourish and in the presence of the press as to  suggests that it was  donation for their private use or as gifts. It was clearly a move to make the duo look very bad in the eyes of the public.


The donated SUVs


Suswam and Ortom


Suswam, Salifu and Ortom


Suswam and Ortom taking questions from journalists

However, what is true and the reality was that those Jeeps were never donated. They were meant to be the official vehicles of the incoming Government as protocol demands. The outgoing government normally hands over these accoutrement of office quietly and without much fanfare. Senator George Akume didn’t do much fanfare when he handed over. That Suswam is doing it smacks of desperation and an attempt to seize the narrative. He is trying to show that the new government is not averse to his perfidious ways.

Those SUVs already belonged to the Benue State Government. They were never Suswam’s to donate as he said to smoothen the transitional arrangement.  Mr. Governor this is not cool. Go face the business for which you were elected. Pay the earned salaries of your workers and stop posturing.
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