“First One Hundred Days in Office and First Impressions”

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An Open Letter to the Benue State Governor-Elect, Chief Dr. Samuel I. Ortom

“First One Hundred Days in Office and First Impressions”

By: Nathaniel Usha Nongu   

Your Excellency Sir,

I wish to begin this letter by first of all congratulating you, on your victory at the just concluded Governorship polls in the State.


Nathaniel Usha Nongu

I pray may the good Lord grant you every necessary grace to succeed in the onerous task of governing our dear State.

While I congratulate you Sir, may I bring it to your attention that from your acceptance speech following the declaration of your victory, you were quoted as saying, you intend to use your “First One Hundred Days in Office” for “Reconciliation”.

Your Excellency Sir, while I commend your move for ‘reconciliation’, I wish to humbly state, that based on our collective expectation of ‘change’ and of course speedily too, you may not have the luxury of time to experiment with just ‘reconciliation’ in a whopping “First One Hundred Days in Office”.

Sir, in the light of the above therefore, I wish to suggest, rather than settle for just ‘reconciliation’ in your ‘first one hundred days in office’, may you replicate General Yakubu Gowon’s then 3Rs policy, which he initiated in January 1970 after cessation of hostilities during the Nigerian civil war. To heal the destroyed, brutalized and decimated infrastructures of the Country, including those of the then Eastern Region, the main theatre of that most brutal war in Africa’s recent history, General Yakubu Gowon focused on: “Reconciliation, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation”, fondly referred to as 3Rs to salvage the nation.

In principle, Your Excellency, I suggest your ‘first one hundred days in office’ should also be focused on: “Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction”. In this way Sir, I feel, the economically ravaged lives and structurally battered socio-economic infrastructures of our predominantly agrarian State (Benue) will be ‘Rehabilitated’ and ‘Reconstructed’ for the overall well-being of the Benue citizens.  

Sir, you are well aware, that the citizens of Benue State, collectively entrusted this sacred mandate of leadership to you, against other competing choices, which perhaps might be more credible and eminently qualified than you, but God qualified you through the instrumentality of the Benue electorates.

Bearing the above in mind, I plead with you, Your Excellency, NOT to betray the confidence reposed in you. I am trying hard to resist the temptation that using your ‘first one hundred days in office’ for ‘reconciliation’ will amount to reconciling with your political folks to gang up against us. Otherwise, we elected you, and as far as we are concerned as Benue Citizens, we have no rift with you, at least for now, not until you prove yourself otherwise to us. Who then, are you reconciling with? When we the electorates that constitute your primary constituency have no scores with you?

Sir, since the announcement of your victory by INEC, we have noticed around you, some “Bad Belle” people who connived with the incumbent administration to plunge Benue State into the abysmal state of affairs we have found ourselves. Ordinary, Benue State should not be where we are today in terms of progress and development.

Your Excellency Sir, I appeal to you to take caution in your move for ‘reconciliation’! Do not make it a hoax by reconciling with the “COMMON ENEMIES” who constitutes the harbingers of retrogression of our dear State! For anyone who is not for the “COMMON INTEREST” of Benue State is “AGAINST US”!!!

Once again accept my warm congratulations Your Excellency, while we look forward that you will use your ‘first one hundred days in office’ more judiciously to make an indelible impression beyond ‘reconciliation’ with ‘political hawks’.

Time to settle down, to make first indelible impressions is indeed the ‘first one hundred days in office’! For the ‘beginning’ they say, is always ‘a means to the end’!

Be assured of a remembrance in my prayers for the success of your enormous task of governing our dear State. God Bless Benue State.

Accept my highest regards please.

Yours Truly,
Nathaniel Usha Nongu
Concerned Benue Compatriot

Nathaniel Usha Nongu is a Graduate of Mass Communication at the Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria where he is currently pursuing a Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree in the same discipline with specialization in print journalism.

Comments and contributions could be sent to Nathaniel Usha Nongu via:ushanath87@gmail.com  




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