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Senator George Akume

Being a Communiqué issued at the end of its inaugural meeting held at Trust Resort, New Otukpo Road, Makurdi,  Benue State on 21st April, 2015.
The needed change which Nigerians have so much desired has finally come.
Nigerians have yearned for improved standard of living and improved system of allocating positions and resources in a way that fulfills the geographic and economic expectations of the people. The slogan of change and struggle to achieve economic and political empowerment has over the years assumed a prominent and even radical dimension across the length and breadth of the country and this has brought about victory of the APC at the 2015 general elections for spear-heading this cause.

The All Progressive  Congress (APC) has now emerged as the leader of Nigeria’s Bi-camera legislature by reason of their majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives .They have also won most of the States in the last Governorship and States House of Assembly Elections. Consequently, many interests have risen to determine who gets what, when and how.
It has become imperative for the Tiv youths universally,  to throw their weight behind one of their own as the topic for Senate Presidency in the 8th Assembly features prominent in the minds of Nigerians. The Senate Presidency is currently zoned to the North Central and with this arrangement; it will be more crucial and expedient for Nigerians to consider the former governor of Benue State and current Minority leader of the Senate Sen. Dr George Akume for the exalted role.
In a meeting at the Trust Resort in Makurdi , 21st April, 2014, Tiv Youth Assembly Voice, a movement of Tiv youth have come out to lend our voice as to why Sen.Dr George Akume should be considered for the position of the Senate President.
While it is widely believed that Senator Akume should be given the Presidency of the Senate merely on geographical grounds, we make bold to say that Sen.Dr George Akume truly deserves to be Senate President, because he merits such a position.
We thus premise this belief onnthe following;
As  governor of Benue State from 1999 – 2007, Sen. Dr. George Akume was awarded the best performing governor in the North Central zone. An achievement that made him emerge as the first person to govern the State for eight years and then proceed to the Senate, serving for three terms now.
Also as Governor, Sen.Dr Akume greatly improved on Benue’s housing challenge by building unit houses for Civil servants. His efforts brought about the Judges quarters on Gboko Road, New Assembly Quarters at Nyiman, BIPC Quarters in Nyiman, Owner Occupier Housing estate on Abu King Shuluwa Road as well as other numerous Units in North Bank and other areas of the State.
It is our resolve that Sen.Dr Akume deserve the senate presidency because of the role he played in returning the north central which used to be a strong hold of the PDP into the fold of the All progressive Congress, his doggedness as the first senator to dump the PDP in the early times of the Change revolution in 2011 encouraged most renowned politicians of refined pedigree to dump the PDP and join the progressives which finally gave APC overwhelming victory in the just concluded polls at all levels.
(3) Tiv youths Assembly Voice maintains that it has become necessary for Tiv youths and Nigerians to support Sen. Dr Akume, because for the first time in Benue State, Sen. Dr Akume introduced and established an elaborate industrial layout which gave a big boost to the industrialization drive in the State, thus reducing the rate of unemployment.  Benue had a fertilizer blending plant, a plastic industry and a Tomato processing Factory in Wannune, Gboko Road.
(4)Sen.Dr Akume’s role  in the Development of the State, Middle Belt and beyond is commendable. This is evident in the fact that Sen.Dr Akume gave attention to the Benue State University by building a standard College of Health Sciences and University Teaching Hospital, as well as interventions in renovation of offices and lecture halls .Also under his administration ALGON supported Benue state university with a gigantic auditorium.
(5) He successfully ran a tenure as chairman of the Northern Governor’s forum in which he selflessly served the worth and rallied his colleagues to resist the tenure elongation plan of the then President Olusegun Obasanjo. The collapse of Obasanjo’s third term agenda gave senator Akume lots of commendation from his colleagues which happily conferred on him the title of Hero of Democracy.
Tiv Youth Assembly Voice thus resolve that, Sen.Dr Akume has gained the respect and admiration of his colleagues in the National Assembly. His leadership prowess as the senate minority leader have spoken volumes among politicians and in the global world view. His pragmatic leadership skills and astute understanding of Nigeria’s unique political terrain and its dynamics will bring development in all spheres.
It is on this basis we encourage Nigerians and the parliamentarians  to throw their weight behind Sen. Dr George Akume to emerge as the Senate President of the 8th Senate. We the Tiv Youth Assembly Voice are solidly behind Sen. Dr Akume and we encourage everyone who has the interest of the Country at heart to do so in other to foster a new dawn in our polity which will enhance a cordial working relationship between the executive and the legislature.
The forum also congratulates the president-elect General Muhammadu Buhari and the Benue- State Governor-elect Chief Dr Samuel Ortom over their victories on the just concluded general elections.
Comr. Elijah Terdoo Ikpanor
Solomon Msughter Amande Korinjo
Comr. Samson Labe
Ati  Terkula
Dorothy Ladi Kunde
Comr. Solomon Abuku
Adaaku Rogers
Damian Tyowon
Jerry Akya
Terdoo Raymond Wajir
Silvia Gondo Aluor
Barr. Kizito Tersoo Agba-Injo
Robert Tersoo Atseatse
Arc. Akendeter Carl Atule
Iorhemen Abraham
Shedrach Teryila Ukuma
Vitalis Kpev
Diana Ityoakoso
Awua Chihi Job.
Victor Ukoh
Comr. Dam Gladys

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