These are the official Benue gubernatorial election results as announced by INEC at the Local Governments so far


These are the official Benue gubernatorial election results as announced by INEC at the LGs

Ogbadibo LGA: APC Won
APC 7,890; PDP 7,357 Margin 533

Apa LGA: APC Won
APC 7,132; PDP 7,582 Margin 450

Tarka LGA: APC Won
APC 14,888; PDP 3,571 Margin 11,317

Otukpo LGA: APC Won
APC 15,715; PDP 13,519 Margin 2,196

Obi LGA: PDP Won
PDP 8440; APC 7786 Margin 654

Gwer LGA: APC Won
APC 23,831; PDP 12,657 Margin 11,174

Vandeikya LGA: APC Won
APC 33,075; PDP 15,228 Margin 17, 847

Gwer West LGA: PDP Won
APC 11,844; PDP 13,033 Margin 1,189

Okpokwu LGA: PDP Won
APC 7,209; PDP 10,849 Margin 3,640

Makurdi LGA: APC Won
APC 33,245; PDP 23,550 Margin 9,695

Katsina Ala LGA: PDP Won
APC 17,227; PDP 25,192 Margin 7,965

Gboko LGA: APC Won
APC 55, 022, PDP 17,232 Margin 37,790

Agatu LGA: PDP Won
APC 5,956; PDP 14,936 Margin 8,980

Ado LGA: PDP Won
APC 6,630 PDP 7,196 Margin 566
Ushongo LGA: PDP Won
PDP 24,199 APC 13,122 Margin 11077

According to the results as announced in the 15 local governments the PDP polled 103191 votes in 6 while the APC has 203920 leading with a margin of 122883 in the remaining 9 local governments.
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  1. Martins Mamadu says:

    I cannot say Ortom or Buhari would be d best captain bu for d agonising, excruciating and abject suffering dt d current govt has unleashed on us d commoners. Again d role our traditional institution played in d permutation & selection of PDP guber flagbearer was/is counterproductive to d PDP structure. And also the subsequent dumping to one’s-own-faith of d then losers (at the primaries) contributed to wot we r seeing play out today. The same political traditional institution w’d ‘ve hand-picked (as they did) someone who w’d square up wt whosoever APC might be nominating – certainly nt someone of “my status”.


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