Workers set for showdown

Posted: April 1, 2015 in News
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• Call for desolution of Labour Exco


Civil servants in Benue State have threatened to shut down the state if the Benue state governor does not pay the outstanding salaries and desist from carrying out the on-going deductions from the salaries.

The workers who gathered under the auspices of Benue Aggrieved Workers, yesterday in a press statement signed by the leader of the group, Bar. Uhundu A. Emmanuel , and made available to our reporter,  have also called on the state leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), to resign and give way to elect new leadership for the union.

According to the press statement the NLC in the state has been operating without a leadership as her Chairman, Comrade Simon Anchaver had since resigned to contest for governorship under the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) even as they accused him of failing the union.

“We today wish to let the world know that the NLC under the ailing leadership of Comrade Simon Anchaver has failed and lacks the powers to talk or negotiate for Benue workers even as he has long ceased being a member of the union.
This decision by well meaning Benue is premised on the reason that the Comr. Anchaver led NLC has lost focus and credibility as by constitution he us not supposed to be part of the state executive council, having resigned to contest for governorship of the state; his first vice chairman and a host of others have left the services of the government,  while one has been lost to death. Thus we declare a leadership vacuum”. It read in part.

While demanding that the Anchaver led Exco resigns in seven days, it has also given the same time frame for the government to meet their demands of up to date payment, payment of agreed minimum rate to all workers in the state and also desist fro all arbitrary deductions, failure to do such will entail a mass protest by the workers.
“We hereby also demand immediate resignation of the corrupt regime left behind Simon Anchaver to make way for a  proper and people oriented union.
That the state government desist from further deductions from hard earned workers salaries forthwith.
That workers salaries are our rights and not favours and so to this end we demand that salaries be paid and paid at the agreed 18% minimum wage to all Benue workers irrespective of cadre.
We further state that we the aggrieved Benue workers on failure by the government and Anchaver’s demonic gang to heed to our above demands within seven days the Benue Workers shall not only embark on a Peoples Industrial action but also take to the streets to let our grievances known”. It threatened.

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