National Assembly and Presidential Elections in Benue (Citizens report)

Posted: March 28, 2015 in Benue 2015, News, political, Politics
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8:37:55 AM INEC officials setting up a polling unit at high level in Makurdi as materials arrive


Corp member and Electoral officer addressing electorates at Lower Benue polling unit Fiidi ward makurdi

9:05:09 Apir otokpo, F.M.C Apir, Accreditation begins, @ tse-ugo

9:12:41 AM Reports from FMC Apir: Security is tight and all the particpant are well conduct in a very good manner.
The cardreader is also perfectly working. All is well so far.

9:19:57 AM
– No inec officials in all pooling units @ ankpa ward district, makurdi
– Accreditation has started and environment is calm at ugee, Taraku gwer-east LG.
– In my polling unit we are still waitin for then to commence the election at Mechanic village, Kanshio
– card readers working perfectly and accreditation started opposite police hq, Makurdi

9:30:42 AM
Nothing is hapening here. No INEC officials. At ViewPoint, Bristow RoundAbout, Gboko, Benue State.

9:36:36 AM
Till now we have not started yet in our polling unit in gboko anchaver ward.


The card reader @ hudco qtrs pollin unit 2 is nt working n nothing is being done about it

One out of 3 Card readers not working at Kwararafa center: Clerks/Market Code:90F5

Nothing has started yet we have not seen any presiding officer yet we r still weiting at gboko township Mayer polling unit gboko east

9:49:30 AM
Right now at Owners Occupier Polling unit. No INEC official have come, we r just standing and waiting

9:54:00 AM
Accreditation has started… so far, no error! @ BSU 2nd gate polling unit

10:21:24 AM from our inbox:
I just got myself accredited. Perfectly the card reader here in MERKYEN polling unite in GWER-WEST is working it has not rejected anybody and my people are happy about the whole stuff

10:22:56 AM Richard Terwase Akwaya says “Distribution of INEC election materials in Benue State has been done successfully without hitches. All the 276 Council Wards in Benue State have received their materials intact save for Iyaav Ward in Gwer-West Local Government Area where 3,171 ballot papers meant for the House of Reps election are said to be short. We shall work to rectify this as soon as possible.”

10:25:55 AM
In Kwararafa center, We were told manual process will be use as the card readers isn’t working by the INEC supervisor. Manual process will be used and report written

10:40:42 AM
We at owners Occupier are still waiting 4 INEC Officials, non yet on ground but the situation on ground is tense and exciting as well, some voters are leaving y others are still waiting n saying even if it is at mid night, the will wait and vote


PDP Governorship candidate doing his accreditation in North Bank

10:45:03 AM
INEC Officials finally arrived now with the card reader at Owners Occupier Polling unit in Makurdi

10:48:34 AM
At the central police barracks, makurdi, the atmosphere is peaceful, card reader is working perfectly and accredition is going on smoothly

10:54:15 AM
Still on Kwararafa qtrs polling unit, We have 11A and B the card reader for the 11B is the one working so we r all joining the 11B to check our cards.

10:59:15 AM
This is another unit in BSU 2nd Gate. Accreditation is just about to start. The voter are getting mad already for late arrival and delay of INEC staff.
11:35:33 AM
PU 35, Mbaamandev and PU 36 Aguji all in Mbakper Ward of Gboko LGA yet to received election materials. Unfortunate, both PU are few km away from inec material distribution center.

11:38:55 AM
One of two card readers in the yagba area of Northbank isn’t functioning properly. This has however been observed to be as a result of poor network in the placement of the second poll table

11:47:42 AM
School nursing makurdi polling unit is calm,everything is going on well.
2:15 PM
Voting began at utange unit, Tor Donga in Katsina-Ala Local Government


Voting in Utange ward

2:30 PM PO forgets voting papers for House of Representatives at Garage 1 polling unit in Ushongo Local Government.


Garage 01 polling unit in Ushongo


PDP agents sharing money at Utange unit, Tor Donga in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area

4:30 PM Frank Sekegh Ior: 3 polling units in Katsina-Ala did including the polling unit at the Local Secretariat did not vote as INEC staff failed to show up. Frustrated electorates are leaving after a fruitless wait
4:38 PM Voting about to start at Lower Benue polling unit Fiidi ward makurdi

Lower Benue polling unit Fiidi ward makurdi

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