Fulani kill 2 in relaunched attack on Suswam’s village

Posted: March 21, 2015 in Breaking News, News
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Two persons have been report dead, with many sustaining injuries and an unconfirmed number missing in Logo Local Government Area of Benue State, as suspected Fulani herdsmen relaunched an early morning attack on Anyiin, the home town of Governor Gabriel Suswam.

The attackers who stormed mgbekpa community, Tsawrev, Ukemberagya ward, which is at the outskirts of Anyiin early hours of this morning,  burning and looting the village. 

According to a survivor who spoke to persecond news on phone, two people have so far been recorded dead while several others missing.

“we were sleeping when we were suddenly woken up by the sounds of gunshots and heavy movements around our villages by Fulani herdsmen. In the confusion many of us managed to escape with our families, however two people could not make it out and were gunned down. There may be more but for now only these two as we still have not seen many others who ran out with us”. He recounted.

Only last Sunday suspected Fulani herdsmen in the early hours attacked Egba village in Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State, killing over 80 persons and injuring several others including women and children.

The herdsmen in a similar mode of operation stormed the village at about 4 am killed their victims, most of whom were fast asleep in their homes after which they razed the community, destroying economic trees, food barns and farmlands.

  1. Victor Aben says:

    What is happening to Benue natives now is so pathetic. The government of the state is doing too little (or none) to cease the killings and destruction of her citizens and properties.

    I am a victim of this crises around that region too and so, I know what it feels like to loose people and properties you love, leaving you with no where to go to.

    My village at Mbawar was attacked since the early days of last year and since then, no one has stepped a leg there. The herdsmen have taken over all the communities there and turned them into their grazing land.


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