Wake Up From Your Dream of Ignorance – Agbese To Benue Lawmakers

Posted: March 11, 2015 in life and human interest
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The President of the National Democratic Front (NDF), Comrade Philip Agbese has called on members of the Benue State House of Assembly to wake up from their dream of ignorance and stop their witch hunt of state officials to enable them focus on redeeming themselves as the assembly enters its twilight.
The Benue born activist said in a statement issued on Wednesday that it was unfortunate that the state’s lawmakers are harassing the Special Adviser on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Finance Commissioner and the Chairman of the Benue State Inland Revenue Service because these officials have  refused to play their usual ‘kwucha’ musi

“It has become a practice for members of the Benue State House of Assembly to arm-twist, harass and blackmail state officials into parting with money for them to share. We have reliably gathered that some lawmakers hide behind performance of oversight duty to extort members of the executive arm and then proceed to share the proceeds of their fraud. Once an official pays he gets into their good books but anyone that refuses to bribe them will be harassed endlessly with a view to frustrating same out office.” Agbese said.
He noted that the state’s lawmakers cannot show laws they have passed to move the state forward neither can they show proof to justify the huge chunk of the state’s resources they appropriate to themselves annually.
The NDF President said “Lawmakers in Benue State are apparently not in tune with the reality of dwindling oil revenue and have thus not seen reason to take proactive measures as expected of their office. They are more interested in fleecing the state by making members of the executive arm funnel public funds to them to cater for lives of debauchery and servicing their numerous girlfriends.
“They are not sensitive to the dire situation the state is facing, which has caused delays in payment of salaries. If they were sensitive to workers’ plight, they should have acted by taking cuts to their own salaries and allowances to provide the state with resources to address the present hardship.
“They should also probe themselves to see if they have really lived up to expectations in line with the oath that brought them into office after supposedly getting the mandates of their constituents.
“They must prove that they are not deliberately sabotaging the state in their twisted bid to criminalise the administration of Dr Gabriel Suswam after their poor performances since 2011 reduced their prospects of making it back to parliament.” Agbese challenged.
He said it is now obvious that the lawmakers are working with and for some selfish elements to actualize earlier threats of plunging the state into crisis in the desperation to make Suswam look bad.
Agbese further urged the people of the state to send a clear message to the lawmakers that the well being of Benue state is more important than the greed of a few politicians.

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