Exclusive: Suswam Incites Guma Elders Against Ortom

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Benue 2015, News, political, Politics
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• Announces Tarzoor as successor


Gov. Gabriel Suswam

Governor Gabriel Suswam has been accused of inciting Guma political elders against the former minister of state for Trade  and Investment,  Chief Samuel Ortom. The governor is said to have done this  yesterday when he addressed Guma Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ), elders of Ihyarev extraction at the Benue state government House.
Suswam scolded the Ihyarev leaders for supporting Ortom who is of Nongov  extraction which he claimed is a minority in the MINDA axis and as such were wrong to throw their support behind him.
This vexation is coming at the heels of the just concluded PDP House of Assembly primaries where the governor’s anointed candidate to represent Guma in the House of Assembly, Hon. Terseer Adzu, lost to the Ortom preferred candidate,  Bar. William Ortyom with a large margin of 34-27 votes. This action angered the governor, causing him to vent his anger on his aides and leaders of the party whom he accused of collecting money and not delivering on their promises.


Chief Dr. Samuel Ortom

In the course of the meeting John Tondo who has also been announced as the governor’s candidate for Makurdi/Guma Federal Constituency House of Representatives seat against the desire of the elders, accused the governor’s personal physician Dr. Yanmar Ortese of joining forces with Hon. Dickson Tarkighir and Tivlumun Nyitse in fighting against the governor’s interest for Ortom.  However in a swift reply Ortese said Tondo’s claim was baseless as he won in his Mbabai council ward by five votes to two, while John Tondo only got two votes in his Uviir council ward behind Dickson’s four.


Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor

Highlight of the meeting included an open challenge to the governor by Hon. Clement Beetseh who accused Suswam of not talking to them until during elections which irked him to announce that Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor is his preferred candidate to succeed him after his eight year stay as governor of Benue State.

Those present at the meeting include: Hon. Mike Adyo,  Hon. Cletus Tyokyaa,  Hon. Steven Tsav, Hon. Richard Asema, Hon. Cletus Upaa,  Hon. Clement Beetseh,  Hon. Joseph Akaaza,  Mr. Gabriel Tivlumun Nyitse,  Pharm.  John Enger,  John Tondo, Hon. Terseer Adzu amongst others.

This announcement which did not go down well with the elders has already started causing ripples amongst the party stakeholders and even governorship aspirants who have began scheming and realigning to ensure Tarzoor whom they say, can not be chosen amongst a host of better qualified candidates.
As at the time of filing this report it was gathered that political leaders and all the governorship aspirants of MINDA extraction, save for Tarzoor and  Dr. Samuel Ortom who went out for consultations in Zone C, were in a meeting held at Royal Choice Inn to find measures to stampede Terhemen Tarzoor. Feelers from the meeting are that they have decided to either throw their weight behind Ortom or Engr. Felix Atume, but if that bid fails to sail through they are planning to decamp on the eve of the elections.
This decision many observers predict will tilt the scales against Suswam’s senatorial bid as most of the governorship aspirants have a large followership which may vote against him if their principals decamp as planned on the eve of the election.

  1. eddy says:

    34 to 27 is not a large margin.


  2. S.Gyoh says:

    Does the governor, Suswam ever think that the people might also have their preferred candidate? so once your candidate does not win the election money has changed hands…He seriously needs to reconnect with reality to know that besides the interest of ‘powerful individuals’ the ordinary people also have the right and capacity to have a preferred candidate to represent them.


  3. mark asema says:

    i will stop viewing this site, it is purely fake with fake updates


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