The Real Story Behind Suswam’s ADC Gun Running Case

Posted: December 2, 2014 in BENUE, News
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Gov. Gabriel Suswam

Just yesterday the media was awash with stories saying governor Gabriel Suswam’s former Aide de Camp ( ADC ),  Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Dickson Pawa is under investigation by the Police Service Commission (PSC), for gun running allegations.
According to the report which was seen in the Sunday Pilot stated that ASP Pawa is being investigated for a gun running charge leveled against him in 2011 during the height of his boss’ electioneering campaign. According to the report, the case was uneventfully closed and has dramatically been opened with investigation in top gear.
What many who read this incoherent piece which swung between financial misappropriation to gun running which was scarcely mentioned after the first paragraphs, is a fall out of the battle between a former boss and subordinate relationship gone sour,  of which Mr. Dickson is already getting the brunt.
DSP Dickson Pawa who just recently tendered his resignation, although allegedly turned down by the commissioner of Police and Inspector General purpose police, is actually a casualty of the fight between two elephants whose perchance for superiority has cost him his job and may land him a jail term.
Dickson Pawa until his reposting was the ADC to governor Suswam and his most trusted aide who was known by many to be held in trust on all issues, unfortunately the desire of his boss to by all means install a successor has put both at par as Suswam’s distaste for Pawa’s favourite who happens to be Suswam’s worst night mare Dr. Samuel Ortom is the bone of this contention.
Pawa who was fired for his alleged relationship with the former minister and leading Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ), leading governorship aspirant, Chief Samuel Ortom, who has since his declaration to run for the number one seat of the state, become government house enemy number one. However since Ortom was declared a persona non grata, in the state government house, the governor was no longer comfortable with his former ADC.
In the heat of the relationship friction,  Pawa lost his job just as he lost his master’s trust due to efforts to reconcile the duo. Pawa has since tendered a yet to be accepted resignation letter but this does not seem to be enough for a boss who feels betrayed and unsafe due to secrets known by his former chief security man.
Suswam, who according to a source close him  disclosed is bent on making sure his former aide who is known to have a dossier of all his dirty deals is cowed and made to come cap in hand for a deal in trade for security of these shared secrets, is leaving no stone unturned in his fight.
Feelers indicate that the Benue state chief security officer may be taking cautionary measures to cage his former ADC who is now out of favour with him perchance he takes the turn of the Rivers State governor and his former Aide de Camp which  went dirty with secrets of under hand deals exposed by the aide.
The plot which is said to be executed by the governor’s cousin who he recently nominated and was appointed as a commissioner in the Police Service Commission ( PSC ), is thus meant to cow the former ADC and also put fears into him to ensure he discontinues his support for Ortom and also allow secret whatever under hand deals he is privy to.
Also alleged to be part of the governor’s grudge against Pawa is the recent clarion call by the latter’s constituency for him to throw in the cap for the chairmanship of his local government,  Katsina-Ala Local Government, which is believed to be against the plans of his former boss who believing to be favouring another anointed. It is gathered that only recently the elders from Katsina-Ala had paid the governor a courtesy call in the Benue state government House to make their intentions known, to which Suswam was said to have conceded.
Also exposed is the fact that this image smearing campaign is already costing a whooping Ten Million Naira, which has been budgeted by the governor for use by a commissioner and a special assistant, both who hail from the same Katsina-Ala Local government as Mr. Dickson, as funds to engage in a media smear campaign.
Meanwhile a source close to Pawa has confirmed that the case is actually a witch hunt and a planned distraction to his friend whom is widely believed to enter into the foray of partisan politics. According to him, the gun running allegations are rootless as the matter had already been thrashed by the police authorities in 2011 when the matter was first brought up. He further assured that the matter will surely die a natural great since there was no substance in the allegation, adding that Pawa was issued a letter indicating his innocence in the matter softer the investigations and thus this will also die in the same manner.

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