wpid-picsart_1411651721103.jpgFormer Chairman of Benue Internal Revenue Service (BIRS), Mr. Andrew Ayabam yesterday said that he was never been a member of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ). Ayabam made this refutal while fielding questions from newsmen during his declaration dinner for journalists in Makurdi yesterday.

According to him he was never a card carrying member of the party but a mere sympathiser of the PDP whose government gave him the opportunity to serve the state as BIRS Chairman. He said he was obliged to be sympathetic to the party since it gave him the opportunity to impact on the youth of the state and several families.

“I have never registered with any political party in my life, I was only a sympathiser of the PDP because I was given the opportunity to serve by a government run by the PDP.  This is the first time I will be registering  for any political party”.He further stated.

The banking czar also flayed allegations that his decision to run for Senate against his former employer, Governor Gabriel Suswam was an attempt to antagonise him as a result of their alleged fall out. He said his decision was because he saw a lack in the leadership of the senatorial district where he saw his ability to fill the void.

Reacting to the issue of loan to Suswam, he declined knowledge of any loan stating that his party had zoned the seat to Kwande/Ushongo federal constituency, which hails from thus properly qualifying him for the race. According to him it was unimaginable to presume that Kwande/Ushongo as a whole lacked people to contest for Senate as alleged by those who propagate the loan story.

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