Zone A Senate Belongs to Kwande- Konshisha Elders

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Benue 2015, News, political, Politics
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. declares support for Ayabam


Andrew Ayabam addressing Konshisha APC leaders on Kwande

The Konshisha Chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC), has declared that the Benue North East Senate (Zone A), is the exclusive reserve of the Kwande /Ushongo federal constituency as zoned by Tiv traditional zoning formula. 
The group which made this declaration while hosting Mr. Andrew Ayabam,  a leading candidate for the Zone A senate bid, said they were strongly in support of any credible candidate from the Kwande/Ushongo federal constituency where the position has been zoned.
Meanwhile, the party caucus has also thrown its weight behind the Senatorial bid of Mr. Ayabam who hosted them in Tse-Agberagba,  to intimate them of his desire to contest the seat under the party’s platform.
Speaking on behalf of the leaders of the party, Mr. Iorzua Imbyor said the people of Konshisha were happy that a Kwande son had advanced t claim the slot which was originally meant for them. He also said the support of the konshisha people was out of the realisation that the candidate presented from Kwande was tested and has a history of excellence in all his engagements.
Making his intention known to the APC elders, Ayabam said his desire to run is not just predicated on fact that the seat was zoned to Kwande where he hails but also because he has seen a leadership vacuum which he feels the need to fill.
Ayabam also decried the lack of federal presence in the North East Senatorial District, which he described as having the largest land mass and most populated. He said the need to have fair and equitable representation is the reason why he chose to join the race.

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